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Make a Design Resolution for 2018

A new year is a time for change. In that spirit, we have some suggestions for changes you can make to help you enjoy your home even more in 2018.

Design Resolution #1 — Use more colour

Benjamin Moore has selected Caliente as their colour of the year. It’s a rich crimson shade, not for the timid. However, you’d be surprised how many colours get a lift from a bit of red.  Add just a bit to neutral grays, or deep chocolate browns. It also plays well with green and blue, or use it to ground yellow tones. It sizzles with purple.  


Design Resolution #2 — Mix, don’t match

The era of matching sofa, loveseat & chair, with matching end tables and coffee tables, and matching lamps, is OVER.  Swap out the coffee table, mix an accent chair into your seating area, or add 2 upholstered dining chairs that don’t match your set.  If you’re downsizing, keep the pieces you love, whether they ‘go’ together or not, then find a fabric or accent fabric to pull everything together. 


Design Resolution #3 — Don’t be afraid of black

Black works with everything. If your go-to shade for the office, or a night out, is black, you know what we mean. Other colours pop against a black backdrop. White shines next to black. Wood glows next to black. Use it as an accent or as a backdrop for the rest of the room. It’s classic and timeless and works with every style of decorating. 


Design Resolution #4 — Add an element from your favourite destination

Wish you could spend more time at your favourite ski lodge? Add rustic stone to the fireplace wall. Had a great time in Paris? Add an oversize art photo of the Eiffel Tower to your wall.  If your favourite hotel of all time has a fireplace in the bedroom, add one to yours.  Have you amassed a great collection? Create a spot to display it. You get the idea.  Travel provides inspiration that can last a lifetime, especially if you incorporate the best memories into your decor.


Design Resolution #5 — Life is short, buy the flowers

Fresh flowers are an inexpensive treat that add life to any room.  Don’t wait for visitors or a special dinner– pick up a bouquet at the grocery store or the corner florist. If you don’t like the idea of them wilting in a few days, ask for long-lasting varieties like alstromeria or carnations, with a few exotic leaves for contrast.  Or cut some from the garden with they are in season. 


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