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How fireplaces turn rooms into Hot Spots

Napoleon recently released the findings of their Hot Spots Research Study. The study reveals fascinating insights on how builders and designers can increase a home’s appeal, based on the emotional connections that people have to various rooms in their homes. By understanding how the design of a room impacts on the emotions of the homeowner, building professionals can better influence purchase decisions and customer satisfaction.

Here’s a summary of the key insights that we found in the study:

What are Hot Spots?

A Hot Spot is any space that is associated with positive emotions. Homeowners value rooms that combine Relaxation, Social, and Functional needs. When ranked on 4 categories – Welcoming, Cozy, Relaxed, and Fun, the hottest Hot Spots are the Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen. They are the favourite rooms and the most important rooms, so getting these right is key to selling the home or the design.

Hot Spots living room with fireplace
Living Room photo courtesy of Napoleon Hot Spots Research.


Great Design can create Hot Spots 

Homebuyers have positive emotional reactions to fireplaces, high ceilings and built-ins, so incorporating these features makes your designs more appealing. In fact, 52 percent of homebuyers have a more positive perception of building professionals who integrate these features into their designs.

Hot Spots research family room with fireplace
Family Room photo courtesy of Napoleon Hot Spots Research.


Fireplaces are associated with Hot Spots

Homeowners were more likely to have positive emotional connections to those rooms in their homes that had fireplaces, than those that didn’t. When exposed to images of rooms with fireplaces, desire for fireplaces rose by 41%.  Bottom line for building professionals: show fireplaces in your designs, in your models and in your design centers, and offer them in more than one location.

Hot Spots Research living room with linear fireplace
Living Room photo courtesy of Napoleon Hot Spots Research.


Homeowners are looking for new Hot Spots

Many survey participants expressed a desire for Outdoor Rooms and Fireplaces in their next home. The biggest discrepancies between where homeowners currently had fireplaces and where they would like to, were in bedrooms and outdoor spaces.  This indicates a great opportunity for builders and designers to create new Hot Spots for their clients. We think that if the survey had included basements, it would be one of the top spaces where clients expressed a desire for a fireplace in their next home. 

Hot Spots Research bedroom with linear fireplace
Bedroom photo courtesy of Napoleon Hot Spots Research Study.




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