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Glare-free fireplaces now available

Electric fireplaces are perfect for condos and lobbies. However, these are also installations where glare from floor-to-ceiling windows is an issue. Smart manufacturers have come up with new glare-free fireplaces that minimize or eliminate reflections.

Napoleon Glare-free fireplaces

Napoleon has added three glare-free fireplaces to its popular Allure series.  The new Phantom series comes in 42-inch, 50-inch, and 60-inch sizes. Phantom is the ultimate in glare-free fireplaces, as all glass has been eliminated from the faceplate. Matte black metal surrounds the fire window, while a fine mesh covers the window. The popular touch-screen feature has been maintained. As with all Allure series units, the glare-free fireplaces feature flames that change from blue to orange, or they can be combined for a violet effect. All Allure fireplaces may be installed as surface-mount or flush-mount, and heat is vented from the front of the fireplace. Crystals are standard and there are currently no log options.


Sierra Flame Glare-free fireplaces

Sierra Flame, a division of Amantii, has added glare-free fireplaces to its linear line-up. The new WM-FML series comes in five sizes, ranging from 40 to 96 inches wide. Like Napoleon, the key to Sierra Flame’s glare-free fireplaces is the metal faceplate surrounding the fire window. However, Sierra Flame has maintained the glass over the fire window itself. The heat vent and touch controls have been discreetly integrated into a sleek opening across the bottom front of the faceplate. As with other Amantii wall-mounted fireplaces, this glare-free series features flames that change from yellow to orange to blue, or any combination of these. An added feature is LED backlighting, for surface-mounted installations, although this series may also be flush-mounted.  Clear crystals are standard in this series, although other media options are available.

We now have no excuse for a fireplace whose flames are obscured by glare from sunny windows. There are lots of glare-free fireplaces to choose from.  


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