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Six for Summer — Fireplaces that will have you thinking Summer all year

Those of us who work with electric fireplaces think of them as perfect for all 4 seasons. After all, you can operate them without heat, and just enjoy the ambiance anytime. However, we know that fireplaces are a hard sell in the summer, when we’re enjoying warm temperatures and indoor-outdoor living. That’s why I’ve come up with a selection of electric fireplaces that really do invoke a summer vibe, so you can enjoy them for summer soirees, and then keep that feeling going all through the colder months. Here are my picks for summer-lovin’ fireplaces:


Nothing beats the realism of logs molded from real wood, and the OptiMyst flames on this unit will have you reaching for the marshmallows.


dimplex OptiMyst-DLGM29
Dimplex OptiMyst DLGM29 insert


Do your summer memories include skimming stones across a lake or pond? The natural pebbles and driftwood in this fireplace will take you back there in an instant.

Dimplex Chalet wall-mount



The crystal ember bed  in a black glass frame will remind you of moonlight sparkling on a still lake.

Dimplex Dusk DWF1215B
Dimplex Dusk wall-mount


Nothing says ‘cottage’ like a wood stove. This electric version is a fresh update in cream rather than the expected black finish.

Model Shown: Dimplex Celeste Stove in Cream


As cool as a northern lake, including the rocks around the fire pit, a white glass model will remind you of fires on the beach.

Dynasty EF69-WGR -Yellow
Dynasty EF69-WGR white glass wall-mount


If the Aurora Borealis sparks your summer memories, then this firebox will appeal to you. With icy crystals reflecting colourful – and changing – LED light, you’ll think it’s the night sky in a box.

Amantii WM-BI-34-4423-FI Black Glass Wall-mount


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