Electric Fireplace Inserts

Fireplaces not only add a distinguished look to your room but they also add value to your home. It’s every homeowner’s dream to be able to cozy up to a warm and inviting fireplace. They are a great way to customize your home, with finishes that are traditional, modern, or trendy, in styles to fit every home.

However, traditional wood-burning fireplaces can be a lot of work. They are messy and while some people love the smell of wood burning, those with allergies or asthma can end up with breathing difficulties because of it. Gas fireplaces eliminate many of the problems created by a wood-burning fireplace but come with some cons of their own. With the changing price of gas, a gas fireplace can be expensive to use, and many people do not like the faint gas smell coming from the fireplace. An electric fireplace insert is a great option to provide you with the look of a traditional fireplace and the cleanliness of a gas fireplace while lowering costs and eliminating venting concerns.

Benefits of an electric fireplace insert

  • Great for Renovations – Electric fireplace inserts are a great way to update your existing fireplace when renovating. If you love the look of your fireplace and mantel but are ready for the convenience that an electric fireplace offers, an insert is the way to go.
  • Easy to install and use – With an electric fireplace insert, you will no longer have to worry about finding and splitting firewood or worry about having proper ventilation and hookups for a gas fireplace. With both hard-wired and plug-in options, you can’t beat the ease of installation of an electric fireplace insert.
  • Heating Options – A great option that comes with an electric fireplace insert is the ability to control your heat. Everyone loves the warmth from sitting in front of a fireplace, but there are also times when you would rather enjoy the look of a roaring fire, without adding heat to your room. Your electric fireplace insert allows you to choose if you want the heat turned on or not, with your fire.
  • Customized Look – With an electric fireplace insert you have options on how to customize your fireplace and flames to fit the style of your room. You can choose media options from LED ember logs to different fire glass colors. If you don’t like the look of electric fireplaces but want the convenience of one, an insert is a great way to maintain the integrity of your fireplace design while gaining the benefits of an electric fireplace.
  • Safety – Your electric fireplace insert is safe for your family and your pets. Since there is nothing that is burning in your fireplace, the front of it will never get hot, which eliminates the chance of small children getting burned. There are no potentially dangerous fumes or smoke to deal with.

Stylish Fireplaces brings you the highest quality options on the market for electric fireplace inserts.


Breathe life into your old masonry fireplace with an electric fireplace insert from Dimplex. The logs designed by Dimplex are so realistic that you will have a hard time telling them apart from the real thing. You can turn on the fan’s powerful heat if you desire the warmth that a fireplace offers, to bring comfort to your room.



You can choose between traditional or contemporary with an electric fireplace insert by Amantii. The selection includes either LED ember logs or 3 colors of fire glass media to choose from.  You can choose between several sizes to get the insert that meets your needs. There are four options for backlighting, allowing you to further customize the look of your electric fireplace insert.


Their adjustable flame settings, clean glass face, and beveled metal frame make Dynasty electric fireplace inserts an excellent choice. All come with glowing logs, realistic brick-look interiors, and variable heat settings. They are the perfect complement to a traditional fireplace design.

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