Our clients are savvy. Like you, they know what they like, they’ve done their homework, and they appreciate attention to detail. They also know that when it’s more than a fireplace they need, they can rely on us to help them realize their vision. Whether you’d like to give an existing fireplace a makeover, or create a fireplace where none exists currently, or completely remodel a living space, you can rely on our design team to handle the renovation from start to finish.

We know the greatest challenge in any renovation is rarely the space itself; it’s in finding the right people to do the work. And so we have. And our standards are high. We have spent over 20 years cultivating the relationships we need to bring your project to fruition. Each of our team members has extensive experience in their area of expertise — and we only bring specialists onto our team. They share our belief in showing up when we say we will and doing the job right the first time. Combined with our design vision, they help us to thrill our clients with the finished project. We ensure that everything in your new one-of-a-kind space is harmoniously designed, as well as beautifully built and properly installed. By experts.