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Here at Stylish Fireplaces we strive to bring you options that are the best of the best, and Dimplex fireplaces are a perfect fit. As a company that strives to provide excellence based on: Innovation, Design, Quality and Support, Dimplex is one of the leading brands of electric fireplace manufacturers and a popular choice here in Toronto.

Dimplex is Setting the Standard for High Quality Fireplaces

Dimplex works hard to make sure they are providing a high quality product by using joint venture global manufacturing. They have pulled together teams from North America, Asia and Europe to design, engineer and produce some of the top electric fireplaces on the market.

In a day when many companies cut corners to offer products at lower prices, Dimplex continues to find and uses the highest quality materials. They focus on using energy saving technologies, stress high quality control and strive to bring each customer a high value product that will last for years to come.

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Dimplex Duplicates the Real Thing

There is nothing quite like watching the dancing flames of a fire in a fireplace in the comfort of your home. However, not all electric fireplace flames are created equal. The patented Dimplex flame technology combines technology, artistry and craftsmanship to re-create the look of a wood burning fire.

Not only will the look of the flame resemble a wood-burning fireplace, but the fan-forced heater will help to warm your room and lower your heating costs. Electric fireplaces from Dimplex provide you with everything you love about a real fireplace without the work and mess of wood.

Three of the newest fireplace developments from Dimplex take realism to a new level:

Revillusion — Their Mirage panel allows us to see the full depth of the fire, right to the herringbone brick at the back of the fireplace. They call this effect ThruView. Combined with RealLogs and their new, brighter Revillusion flames, this latest Dimplex fireplace is truly revolutionary. Another neat feature is the ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the flames’ intensity to suit the lighting in your room.

Opti-V — Combining RealLogs with video and audio technology in a linear fireplace design, the Opti-V fireplace offers breathtaking realism. They’ve even developed an aquarium model using their proprietary ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ illusion, perfect for professional spaces.

Optimyst — Often referred to as the ‘steam fireplace’ or the ‘vapour fireplace’, the Dimplex Optimyst fireplace turns regular tap water into mist.  From a refillable water tank, the water is ultrasonically turned into mist. When the mist is forced upwards by halogen or LED lighting, the effect is one of real flames and smoke. It actually acts as a low-level room humidifier. It’s offered in a new linear cassette, which may be plumbed and grouped together for endless design possibilities. There’s also a free-standing stove featuring Optimyst.

Choose the Product That Fits Your Life

Dimplex provides you with options when choosing your fireplace.

Media Consoles – Do you have limited wall space in your room? Dimplex’ media consoles might be just the solution you are looking for. You can enjoy the look and comfort created from your electric fireplace located in the base of your media center. The consoles are designed to hold not only your television, but have storage room for electronics and a cord management system to keep everything organized and hidden.
Mantels – Dimplex electric fireplaces offer that traditional look that homeowners love about a fireplace. You can choose from traditional stone or more modern design styles. Real wood logs are used to mold the most realistic looking logs possible for your electric fireplace. There are units available with logs that use LED lights to create the look of glowing logs and embers. Mantel units also recreate the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace with the use of a fan-forced heater.
Wall Mounts – Dimplex wall mount units offer easy installation on any wall in your home near an electrical outlet. All you need to do is install the wall brackets and plug in your fireplace. Lower your heating costs by using the supplemental heat. Wall units contain the patented Dimplex flame technology to create the appearance of a wood burning fire. Some units have the option of pedestal base for use on flat surfaces.
Fireplace Inserts – Are you tired of the work and mess of your wood burning fireplace? Dimplex offers a variety of electric fireplace inserts that are easy to install, easy to use, and don’t leave wood chips and dirt all around your fireplace. The patented Dimplex flame helps to create an authentic look that is unmatched in the industry.

Select the Dimplex Design that Matches Your Style

The right fireplace can create a beautiful and comforting focal point in your home. Dimplex offers a variety of design options to help you find the fireplace that will be the right fit for you. The brand stays on top of the industry by keeping up on current home décor trends and styles. Whether you want your fireplace to be the large focal point of your room or a small trendy accent piece to spark conversation, you can find what you are looking for with the Dimplex variety.

Here at Stylish Fireplaces our large showroom features a wide selection of Dimplex fireplaces. Stop in and visit our showroom today and we will help you find the perfect match for you!


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