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Electric fireplaces may be used year-round because you can operate the flames with or without the heater. We calculated the cost of using an electric fireplace 4 hours per day, 365 days per year, using a blend of Peak and Off-peak rates, in Southern Ontario. Without the heater, the cost of electricity is under $5.00 for the YEAR. With the heater connected to 120 volts, and using flames 12 months, and the heater 6 months of the year, for 4 hours per day, the total cost is under $120 for the YEAR.  If you choose to connect the fireplace to 240 volts, the cost for the same usage would be $235 for the YEAR. For comparison, the cost of running a typical 30,000 BTU gas fireplace for 6 months, for 4 hours per day, is $460 for the YEAR. (Note that gas fireplaces are too hot to operate year-round, so we have only calculated the cost for 6 months. If you run yours year-round, then double the cost.)

Almost all electric fireplaces include an integrated heater, which is separate from the flame generation. This allows you to have the flame effect while controlling the amount of heat, so you may run the fireplace with or without heat, but you will always have flames. Heat output varies from 2500 BTU’s to 9200 BTU’s, depending on the model. Most electric fireplaces, connected to 120 volts, will comfortably take the chill off a 400 square foot area. Those fireplaces that are connected to 240 volts will heat a larger area, or will heat a smaller area more quickly.

Electric fireplaces are extremely safe, and family-friendly. Since there is nothing burning, there is no risk of sparks or fire igniting nearby objects. Likewise, there are no fumes, smoke, chemicals, or carbon monoxide being emitted, since there is nothing burning. The glass face on an electric fireplace will never get hot enough to burn people or pets that might touch the glass.

The ‘flames’ in an electric fireplace are generated with light and shadows, usually against a dark or mirrored backdrop. There is nothing being burned in order to create the flame. Today’s light source is energy-efficient LED technology. Some electric fireplaces cast the light on life-like emissions generated by turning tap water into mist.

Most contemporary electric fireplaces come with loose crystals, stones or logs inside. These may be changed. If the fireplace has traditional logs in a grate, then these usually cannot be changed, but there are a few models where the grate may be removed. Because there is no combustion inside electric fireplaces, there is a wide range of materials that may be used inside as decorative media.

We carry all the best brands of electrics: Amantii, Dimplex, Faber, Modern Flames, and Napoleon. All of our brands offer a minimum 1 year warranty, plus parts so we can service your fireplace long term.

There are many choices when selecting electric hearth products, both attractive and unattractive. Stylish Fireplaces sells only quality brands, at a range of price points. If you don’t like what you see at the box stores, visit our website or our showroom and see how a quality electric fireplace can enhance the beauty of any room or space. Or call us for advice on which models will better suit your needs.

If you can afford a piece of occasional furniture, you can afford to add a distinctive character to your room with an electric fireplace. Prices start under $500.

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We have a Trade Program for architects, builders, contractors & designers. We offer competitive pricing and our showroom and staff are at your disposal.

As one of the largest electric fireplace dealers in the country, we take pride in having competitive pricing. If you find a better Canadian price online, send us the link and let us see what we can do.

Yes, most of our fireplaces will ship at no charge to all of Canada. Any exceptions will be noted in the checkout.

Our showroom and warehouse are located in Vaughan, Ontario. We are very proud to be a Canadian-owned business.

Yes, it is. We have over 50 electric fireplaces on display for you to compare. If you schedule your consultation, you will have our undivided attention. For those who can’t get here, our team is available by chat, 905-889-1239">phone, email or video.

No problem. We can ship anywhere in Canada.

White Glove delivery is for those clients who need more control over the timing of their delivery. It is also for people who would like the box(es) brought beyond their doorway, or to have them unpackaged. If you request this option at checkout, we will provide a quote to you for approval.

Installation & Design

Most electric fireplaces blow heat out the front and not directly up onto the TV. Some manufacturers will include a heat chart in their owner’s manual, showing the temperature of the wall surface at various distances from the top of the fireplace, when the heater is turned on. You will need to compare this to the safe temperature for your TV, as specified in your TV’s owner’s manual. Electric fireplaces do not heat up the wall cavity behind the TV, so you could set your TV into a niche above the fireplace, to protect it from excessive heat, if you want to mount it closer to the fireplace. A mantel ledge may also be used to protect your TV from heat if you want to have less distance from the top of the fireplace.  Never position the TV directly in front of the heat vent or above a fireplace that blows heat from the top instead of the front glass. 

All electric fireplaces either direct-wire or plug into a regular 120 volt outlet, and use no more than 1500 watts of electricity. There are also some electric fireplaces that may be connected to 240 volts, to allow for greater heat output.

There are no clearance issues for an electric fireplace. Since there is nothing burning inside the fireplace, there is no requirement to surround it with non-flammable materials. You may install on drywall, wood, tile or stone – whatever you like. However, it is important to distinguish between units that are designed to be mounted on the wall from those that are designed to be in the wall or in a cabinet. Be aware of where the heat is being emitted, and be sure not to block the heat output. Likewise, you should never have flammable materials (like draperies) in direct contact with any heat vents.

Any existing fireplace opening may be transformed to accept an electric fireplace insert. An existing gas line would have to be closed off by a licensed professional, and the chimney flue must be closed. Then an electrical outlet must be installed inside the fireplace opening. The electric fireplace insert just slides into the existing opening and plugs in.

The terms wall-mount and flush-mount are used interchangeably. We prefer the terms surface-mount and flush-mount. Many electric fireplaces may be mounted on the wall (surface-mount) or in the wall (flush-mount). Some electric fireplaces may ONLY be surface-mounted, because the heat is forced out the top or bottom of the unit. This heat outlet would be covered if the fireplace were placed in the wall and this would be unsafe. For an electric fireplace to be safely set into a wall, or flush, the heat vent must be on the front of the fireplace.

Most condos don’t allow gas or wood-burning fireplaces. But electric fireplaces just plug in, so they are a perfect choice for condo dwellers. There is no “fire”, just a heater when you want it and technology that provides a realistic flame.

Yes. Send us a photo of the room and let us have a look. We’ve been designing rooms around fireplaces for over 20 years. We guarantee you’ll be surprised at the number of options you have.

A well-designed fireplace feature will appeal to potential buyers the same way it appeals to you. Creating a feature wall with an electric fireplace ensures that you and any future buyers will benefit from enhanced ambiance, while avoiding the pitfalls of gas fireplaces — overheating the room and carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change.  All electric fireplaces are able to be operated with or without heat, without affecting the flames. An electric fireplace has no combustion, and therefore produces zero carbon emissions. As construction practices change to reduce our homes’ impact on climate change, electric fires will be even more desirable.

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