Decorative Media Kits are the Jewellery of your Electric Fireplace!

In many of today’s electric fireplace models, the media package that comes with the fireplace is not fixed – it may be removed and replaced with alternative options. If you don’t like the crystal or log package that is included with your fireplace, simply find another media package that will fit your model, and change it up. Prefer rustic driftwood to shining crystals? Change it up! Maybe you want to change the interior of your fireplace with the seasons – ice crystals in winter and birch logs in summer. You can!

Options for media kits that will fit our electric fireplaces are often noted below the product. If not, simply look for media packages that are designed for other electric fireplaces of similar depth and size. Keep in mind that logs and large glass chunks meant for a 12-inch deep fireplace will not fit into a 6-inch deep fireplace.

Safety note: All of our media packages are meant for electric fireplaces and may be combustible. They are not safe for any other type of fireplace, like gas or wood-burning.

How hard is it to change my media package after installation?

Tips for updating your electric fireplace media kit

Media kits that are made up of loose items, like logs or crystals, are made to be easily added and removed from the fireplace. To swap out the media kit for another package, there are 4 steps:

Remove the front glass of the fireplace. It’s held in place by screws, either across the top or at the sides. You may need an extra pair of hands for this step.

Carefully remove all of the existing media that is sitting on the media tray. Tip: This is a great time to clean the back panel of any dust that has settled over time!

Add the new media kit, being careful to allow space for the front glass to drop back into position. Some media packages may have more pieces that you can fit into your unit, and there is no rule that says you have to use every piece!

Clean the inside of the front glass. Put the front glass back into position and fasten the screws that were removed earlier. Clean the front of the glass, and enjoy the view!

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