Linear In-Wall electric fireplaces are best-sellers!

In-wall linear electric fireplaces are the best-selling category in electric fireplaces, because they offer a sleek, flush-mounted look. Today’s homeowners want the simple beauty and clean lines of a long, linear in-wall electric fireplace that adds style to their home without protruding into the room.

In-wall linear electric fireplaces range in depth from 4” to 14.5” deep, with 6-inch depths being the most common. With such compact footprints, it’s easy to incorporate an in-wall linear electric fireplace into any space without crowding the room.

In-wall linear electric fireplaces come with a variety of ember options, from clear crystals to driftwood and pebbles, to traditional birch logs. You can literally design the fireplace interior to suit any décor.

With most in-wall linear electric fireplaces, the minimal surrounds keep the emphasis on the flames. There are even in-wall linear electric fireplaces which have removable frames for a truly frameless installation.

LED flames and accent lighting offer zero-maintenance ambiance. Enjoy flames ranging in colour from natural yellow to intense orange, to flamboyant purple. Enhance the flames with accent lighting in all colours, for a truly unique style.

Most in-wall linear electric fireplaces can plug into a regular 120 volt electrical outlet. Many may be direct-wired as well. Some are able to also be connected to a 240 volt electrical line. It’s always best to read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine electrical requirements.

As with all electric fireplaces, you may operate an in-wall linear electric fireplace with or without the heater, for year-round comfort and enjoyment.

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