Napoleon Electric Fireplaces — the value leader.

Stylish Fireplaces has a reputation for carrying the very best in electric fireplaces, which is why we are proud to offer Napoleon electric fireplaces as part of our showroom lineup. Napoleon has been working to provide quality home comfort for the past 38 years. They have also been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Napoleon’s flame technology helps set them apart in the industry. The flames adjust in colour, height and speed, creating the authentic look of a traditional fire. Napoleon’s electric fireplaces use their patented technology and innovative designs to provide fireplaces that stand out from the competition. Napoleon’s innovation and patented flame technology help you to receive all the benefits of a traditional wood burning fireplace and the ease of an electric fireplace rolled into one.

Whether you are looking to mimic a traditional fire or add a piece of artwork with blue glowing glass embers, Napoleon fireplaces can exceed your expectations.

Napoleon has created the industry’s first truly see-through electric fireplace. The Clearion can be plugged in or hardwired directly into your electrical system creating a relaxing environment in two rooms. This unique fireplace can heat separate rooms at different rates, increasing the comfort of two spaces at the same time. A privacy feature allows you to control the degree of view-through, from opaque to completely open. Customize this fireplace with either a sparkling crystal media ember bed or the hand-painted South Beach Logs with Topaz Glass Embers; both sets are included. Illuminated from below by LED, color-changing lights, both ember bed styles glow with a luxurious feel that can be seen from two rooms.

Napoleon’s built-in electric fireplaces do a great job of providing you with the comfort and look of a wood burning fire, with none of the work and mess. The logs are as appealing as they are realistic, looking and acting as a wood fire, with the flames dying out slowly when turned off to mimic the look of a traditional fire. Lighting options allow you to transform the look of your electric fireplace from traditional colours to more modern blues. These built-in electric fireplaces also offer the option of a night light setting that can be used apart from having a fire going.

Napoleon’s wall hanging electric fireplaces feature a contemporary design for those that are looking for a more modern fireplace. These electric fireplaces are an easy “plug and go” installation and Napoleon offers options to fit any space. You can choose from traditional horizontal fireplaces, small or large, and even have the option of a vertical fireplace, which is a great option when you have limited space. The glass embers showcase beautifully, while you have the option of orange to blue lighting or a combination of the two. If you enjoy the comfort of a fireplace, but prefer something less traditional and that can become a piece of art in your room, a wall hanging electric fireplace is the fit for you.

A great way to get a finished look from your electric fireplace is with a beautifully designed mantel package by Napoleon. If you have a small living room that you want to use for multiple functions you can choose an option that combines your media station with your electric fireplace. Your television and any extra equipment sit atop of your fireplace. There are mantel packages available that allow you to showcase personal items on bookshelves surrounding your fireplace. Napoleon provides mantel styles in everything from modern to traditional.

Napoleon offers electric log sets to help reinvent your existing masonry fireplace. These sets are easy to use and can simply be plugged in for immediate use or hardwired into your home. The hand painted logs provide an authentic traditional look as the flames dance on the surface behind. With several heating options, Napoleon Electric Log Sets are a great way to enjoy the look of a traditional masonry fireplace with the ease and cleanliness of an electric fireplace. With multiple heat settings and remote control abilities, it has never been easier to enjoy the comfort of your masonry fireplace.

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