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Experts in wood-burning fireplace makeovers

At Stylish Fireplaces, we have been helping homeowners with their fireplace makeovers for over 20 years. That includes wood-burning fireplaces. Whether yours is no longer functioning and you want to convert it to electric, or you love the fire but hate the wall, we can help!

We are NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists, with knowledge of all hearth systems. We respect the intricacies of working with a real fireplace, and we know there are safety as well as aesthetic requirements to be met. We have curated a collection of products that are specifically designed with wood-burning fireplaces in mind. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about what you need and how to order.

Electric inserts & log sets for wood-burning fireplaces

Sometimes, your old wood-burning fireplace no longer burns nicely. Or, you’re just tired of hauling wood and lighting a fire. If you still like having a fireplace but just don’t want to deal with a real fire, an electric insert or log set is a great solution. All you need is an electrical connection and you’re set. There’s even a log set that runs on a rechargeable battery! Electric fireplace inserts come in many sizes, and there are trim kits available to bridge any gaps around the insert.

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Fireplace Doors & Screens for wood-burning fireplaces

A custom fireplace door or screen is a great way to change the look of your wood-burning fireplace. A good fireplace door or screen also provides extra safety and security, by keeping sparks out of your room when the fire is lit. Our special-order doors and screens are made in the US, to fit any opening and work with any decor. There are lots of options to suit your unique needs.

Non-combustible mantels and wall panels for wood-burning fireplaces

Once you’ve decided that your wood-burning fireplace needs a facelift, it’s time to find wallcoverings that can withstand the heat and sparks from a fire. We offer unique wall panel systems and non-combustible mantel ledges from one of the best manufacturers in the US — Stoll Industries. They have been creating doors, screens and accessories for fireplaces for over 50 years, and have turned that expertise to wall systems and shelves. Their wall panels are easy to install over the previous fireplace brick.

Tools & Accessories for wood-burning fireplaces

Creating and maintaining a wood fire requires the right tools. First you need to bring in the wood and store it in a log holder. Then you need the right, sturdy grate to set the fire. Once the fire is burning, you need well-designed tools to reposition the logs, and clean up the ash. Given the punishment these accessories will take, it’s important that they be well-constructed. Ours are built to be functional and beautiful, and may be coordinated with matching finishes and details.


Updating a wood-burning fireplace can be complex. With our products and expertise, we can help you create a fireplace that will be the centerpiece of a room that you’ll love to share with family and friends. Get in touch and let Stylish Fireplaces help make your project a success.