Open-Concept Spaces call for Multi-Sided Fireplaces!

Two and three-sided electric fireplaces are proving to be quite popular due to their adaptability. These elegant heating and visual devices are ideal for use at home as well as commercial establishments. They can be found in a wide variety of sizes, heating capacities and styles and can be found to suit all budgets. At we are proud to offer two and three-sided fireplaces from the most popular and successful manufacturers in the business such as Modern Flames, Napoleon, Amantii and Dimplex.

Our multi-sided electric fireplaces can typically be plugged directly into a wall socket or hardwired into the electrical system. This allows you to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a two or three-sided fireplace from multiple rooms as these unique and innovative fireplaces are designed to heat different rooms at separate heating levels.

Two- and three-sided electric fireplaces can be designed to be viewed from just about any angle. They feature logs and embers, or crystals, and many have colour-changing LED lighting to enhance the realistic flames. All models can be operated via a convenient remote control which manipulates the temperature along with the colour, height and speed of the flames. The flames can also be operated independently of the heating system.

Most three-sided models can be installed as a corner fireplace or a three-sided bay option. Two-sided, dual-sided, or see-through models can be viewed from both sides of the fireplace, making them ideal for installation in walls which divide two rooms.

All of our two and three-sided fireplaces are easy to install and operate, without access to an exterior wall. They are extremely energy efficient and are basically maintenance free. They are designed to look as realistic as possible and are an excellent alternative to real fireplaces without all the smoke, maintenance and hassle.

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