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Our Fireplaces and Other Products with Comfort & Style

The best selection of electric fireplaces and manufacturers

Stylish Fireplaces offers the best brands in electric fireplaces:  Dimplex, Dynasty, Amantii, Modern Flames and Sierra Flame. We pride ourselves on being experts in electric hearth products, and we are always seeking great new products for our clients. If you don’t see a product at Stylish Fireplaces, it’s because it’s not up to our standards! Our innovative custom furniture mantels and media units are also customer favourites. We combine excellent product selection with superior customer service and we keep our best-sellers in inventory for your convenience. If you are renovating, we are happy to work with your contractors, or we can provide a complete solution using our trades and cabinet makers. We welcome your calls and emails to provide more in-depth information on any of our products.

Accents to complete your fireplace installation

We know that a new fireplace is just the beginning of your new look. We offer alternative fire glass and fillers to change up the look of your fireplace interior. Our stone and tile selections from Erthcoverings, and brick from Century Architexture, offer a multitude of backdrop materials and styles to highlight your fireplace wall.  Not ready to commit to stone or brick?  Try one of our wallpaper murals, available in more than 100 designs.  Watch our video to see how we transformed  our showroom wall with 4 murals.

Products and services to add a TV above your fireplace

Many of our clients plan to mount a TV above their fireplace, so we’ve sourced the products we need to help make it happen.  We offer quality TV brackets for stationary, tilting and articulating installations.  We also have a clever product for safely putting electrical cords inside the wall to hide them from view.  Not sure how to put it all together?  We provide installation services, too.

Finishing touches to compliment your new fireplace

Browse our Fireside Gift Shop, where we’ve curated a selection of gifts that offer Comfort and Style — just like our fireplaces! Shop for fair-trade jewellery & clothing, European wraps and throws, jigsaw puzzles, Made-in-Ontario candles (including our signature Woodfire scent), candle warmers, fine teas, and artful mugs. Looking for décor accents to update your room? We have those, too, from wall art to candle sconces to unique accessories. Need help to complete the rest of the room? We offer complete makeover services, from walls to windows and floors to furniture.

  • Dynasty ELE DY-BT63 electric fireplace Product: Dynasty ELE DY-BT63
    Price: $1119
  • Dimplex DFI2310 electric fireplace Product: Dimplex DFI2310 insert for existing fireplace
    Price: $319
  • Dimplex DFG3033 33 Product: Dimplex DFG3033 33" firebox with glass ember bed
    Price: $919
  • Dimplex DF3033ST 33 Product: Dimplex DF3033ST 33" firebox with logs
    Price: $919
  • Dimplex DLGM29 Optimyst electric fireplace Product: Dimplex DLGM29 Optimyst Insert II
    Price: $679
  • Dimplex DF2608 26 Product: Dimplex DF2608 26" firebox with logs
    Price: $559
  • Dynasty SD33 electric fireplace Product: Dynasty SD33 insert
    Price: $639
  • Dynasty EF-69WGR electric fireplace Product: Dynasty EF-69WGR wall-mount
    Price: $1079
  • Dynasty BG100HTF electric fireplace Product: Dynasty BG-100 Honey Travertine wall-mount
    Price: $1759
  • Dimplex Tahoe Optimyst wall-mount fireplace Product: Dimplex Tate Optimyst wall-mount
    Price: $839
  • Dimplex BF45DXP 45 Product: Dimplex BF45DXP Deluxe 45" firebox
    Price: $1684
  • Dimplex BF39DXP 39 Product: Dimplex BF39DXP Deluxe 39" firebox
    Price: $1039
  • Dynasty ELE DY-BT35 electric fireplace Product: Dynasty ELE DY-BT35
    Price: $719
  • Dynasty ELE DY-BT55 electric fireplace Product: Dynasty ELE DY-BT55
    Price: $1039
  • Dynasty ELE DY-BT79 electric fireplace Product: Dynasty ELE DY-BT79
    Price: $1359
  • Amantii WM-BI-72-8123 electric fireplace Product: Amantii WM-BI-72-8123 wall-mount or built-in
    Price: $1999
  • Custom 200 Series electric fireplace Product: Custom 200 Series Media Cabinet with Dimplex DF3015 insert
    Price: $2199
  • Dynasty EF-70P electric fireplace Product: Dynasty EF-70L/P wall-mount
    Price: $1049
  • Dimplex DF2550 25 Product: Dimplex DF2550 25" firebox with logs
    Price: $525
  • Dimplex Seabert bookcase fireplace Product: Dimplex Seabert Etagere fireplace
    Price: $525
  • Amantii WM-BI-34-4423-WHTGLS electric fireplace Product: Amantii WM-BI-34-4423-WHTGLS wall-mount or built-in
    Price: $839
  • Dimplex Celeste TDS8515TC electric stove Product: Dimplex Celeste Cream stove
    Price: $439
  • Dimplex Mimico GOS40C-1454RG electric fireplace Product: Dimplex Mimico with Optimyst firebox
    Price: $1319
  • Custom Media Cabinet Product: Custom Media Cabinet with Dimplex BLF50
    Price: $2039
  • BG Grandville white large media cabinet with DFG2562 Product: BG Grandville large entertainment cabinet
    Price: $1149
  • Modern Flames Ambiance AL100CLX-G electric fireplace Product: Modern Flames Ambiance 100" CLX
    Price: $1799
  • Dimplex BFSL33 electric fireplace Product: Dimplex BFSL33 Slim 33" Firebox
    Price: $878
  • Summer Clearance Sale Product: Summer Clearance Sale
    Price: $0
  • 1/2 Product: BULK Crushed Ice 1/2" fireglass
    Price: $69
  • 1/4 Fire Glass Crushed Reflective Aqua Product: BULK Crushed Reflective Aqua fireglass
    Price: $79
  • 1/4 Product: BULK Crushed Black 1/4" fireglass
    Price: $69
  • 1/4 Product: BULK Crushed Reflective Copper fireglass
    Price: $79


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