Adding a fireplace to a room can be challenging. With an electric fireplace and our design expertise, it’s easy to create an inviting room that you’ll love to share with friends and family.

At Stylish Fireplaces, we know that you want to live stylishly ever after. In order to do that, you need to design a fireplace that will transform your home into one that you’ll love to share with family and friends.

The problem is that fireplaces are complex and designing a room around them is challenging. It’s also hard to find someone who understands how to pull it all together. This leaves you feeling confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. 

We believe that it shouldn’t be so hard to get your perfect fireplace. We understand how challenging it is to add a fireplace to your home. We hear it from homeowners just like you every day. That’s why we specialize in electric fireplaces, which are much easier to design around than other types of fireplaces. We are also NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists, with over 20 years of design and renovation experience.

So, Shop Fireplaces now or download our Free Guide, “5 Things you Need to Know to Before You Buy a New Fireplace.” It’s time to stop spending too much effort and money to create an uncomfortable room with an ugly fireplace. Instead, you can create an inviting room that you’ll love, with warmth, colour and ambiance that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Safe for children, pets, and seniors

Eco-friendly and energy efficient

Less expensive than a gas fireplace

Easier and more flexible installation

Here’s how we work:

Browse our fireplaces. Take advantage of our showroom in person or through our videos.

Connect with one of our experts. By chat, phone, or email, ask questions and get advice. Or, schedule a virtual visit to discuss a project.

Buy your perfect electric fireplace.  Take delivery today or let us hold it until you need it.

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