Look at the advantages of choosing an electric fireplace over gas!

Criteria Electric Fireplace Gas Fireplace
Price Start under $1000. Usual range is $1400 to $3000. Start at $2000. Usual range is $2500 to $5000.
Cost to Operate About 0.3 to 3 cents per hour, without heat. About 16 cents per hour with heat on 100% of the time. About 20 cents to 40 cents per hour, depending on BTUs.
Installation No venting required. Can go on any wall.
Standard electrical outlet required.
Venting required. Must go on outside wall.
Gas line must be brought to site.
Portability Easily moved. Not easily moved.
Heat Controlled by thermostat.
Flame can stay on when heater is off.
Ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet.
Controlled by thermostat.
Flame and heater go on and off together.
Ideal for rooms larger than 400 square feet.
Efficiency 100% efficient.
No heat lost through venting.
70% to 80% efficient.
20% to 30% heat lost through venting.
Maintenance LED bulbs require no maintenance. Incandescent light bulbs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, or longer. Safety inspections suggested yearly.
Safety No flame to burn. Glass and metal will not get hot enough to burn on contact. No Carbon Monoxide generated. Glass face at 200 degrees Celsius may burn on contact.
Carbon Monoxide may be generated.
Usage Period Year-round. Limited to colder months.

Bottom Line: An electric fireplace is your best option

  • If you need to heat less than 400 to 800 square feet, or you want no heat at all.
  • If you want to minimize the cost to purchase, install, operate and maintain a fireplace.
  • If you are environmentally conscious and focused on energy-efficiency.
  • If you are concerned about the safety of children, seniors or pets around the fireplace.

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