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Doesn’t an electric fireplace cost more to run than gas? How much electricity do they use? What does it cost to run an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces cost less to operate than gas fireplaces. With the heater set to maximum, all the time, an electric fireplace will use up to $0.18 per hour. Most people set the heater to cycle on and off, and at 50% usage, an electric fireplace with the heater on will use about $0.09 per hour. With the heater turned off, it costs $0.003 to $0.03 per hour to operate. Annually, the average cost to operate an electric fireplace is about $100, compared to $200 to $500 per year to operate a gas fireplace.

How much heat do electric fireplaces generate? Can I operate an electric fireplace without heat?

Almost all electric fireplaces include an integrated heater, which is separate from the flame generation. This allows you to have the flame effect while controlling the amount of heat, so you may run the fireplace with or without heat, but you will always have flames. Heat output varies from 2500 BTU’s to 9200 BTU’s, depending on the model.

What are the electrical requirements for an electric fireplace? Do they plug in to a regular outlet?

Most electric fireplaces plug into a regular 120 volt outlet, and use no more than 1500 watts of electricity. There are also some electric fireplaces that may be connected to 240 volts, to allow for greater heat output.

What sort of clearance do I need in order to install an electric fireplace?

There are no clearance issues for an electric fireplace. Since there is nothing burning inside the fireplace, there is no requirement to surround it with non-flammable materials. You may install on drywall, wood, tile or stone – whatever you like. However, it is important to distinguish between units that are designed to be mounted on the wall from those that are designed to be in the wall or in a cabinet. Be aware of where the heat is being emitted, and be sure not to block the heat output. Likewise, you should never have flammable materials (like draperies) in direct contact with any heat vents.

How safe are electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are extremely safe, and family-friendly. Since there is nothing burning, there is no risk of sparks or fire igniting nearby objects. Likewise, there are no fumes, smoke, chemicals, or carbon monoxide being emitted, since there is nothing burning. The glass face on an electric fireplace will never get hot enough to burn people or pets that might touch the glass.

Is it okay to put a TV above an electric fireplace? Will the heat affect my TV?

A TV may be placed above most electric fireplaces, without any adverse effects to the TV. The exception would be any wall-mounted fireplace that pushes the heat out through the top of the unit. Since most electric fireplaces blow heat out the front or bottom of the unit, they create no problems for TV’s or any other items that may be placed above the fireplace. Never position the TV directly in front of the heat vent.

Can I convert my existing gas or wood fireplace to electric?

Any existing fireplace opening may be transformed to accept an electric fireplace insert. An existing gas line would have to be closed off by a licensed professional, and the chimney flue must be closed. Then an electrical outlet must be installed inside the fireplace opening. The electric fireplace insert just slides into the existing opening and plugs in

I’d love a fireplace, but can I afford one?

If you can afford a piece of occasional furniture, you can afford to add a distinctive character to your room with an electric fireplace. Many electric fireplaces are well under $1,000.

My clients tell me they don’t like “fake-looking flames”.

No, neither do we. Bring them to our showroom and they’ll be amazed at today’s “flame technology” — realistic flames that flicker and embers that pulse and glow. You really need to see it to believe how beautiful they look.

How is the flame effect being created?

The ‘flames’ in an electric fireplace are generated with light and shadows, usually against a dark or mirrored backdrop. There is nothing being burned in order to create the flame. Today’s light source is energy-efficient LED technology.

I haven’t seen any attractive electric fireplaces at my local box store. Is this all there is?

There are many choices when selecting electric hearth products, both attractive and unattractive. Stylish Fireplaces sells only quality brands, at a range of price points. If you don’t like what you see at the box stores, come to our showroom and see how a quality electric fireplace can enhance the beauty of any room or space. Or call us for advice on which models will better suit your needs.

We live in a condominium. Are we allowed to install a fireplace?

Most condos don’t allow gas or wood-burning fireplaces. But electric fireplaces just plug in, so they are a perfect choice for condo dwellers. There is no “fire”, just a heater when you want it and technology that provides a realistic flame.

We have a space with different angles and ceiling heights. We’re not sure if an electric fireplace would work in our space. Any suggestions?

Yes. Bring in a photo of the room and let us have a look. We’ve been designing rooms around fireplaces for over 20 years. We guarantee you’ll be surprised at the number of options you have.

I live outside of Ontario but want to order a fireplace.

No problem. We can deliver anywhere in Canada.