Modern Flames Linear Fireplace

Linear fireplaces are becoming a popular option for homeowners who enjoy the appeal and warmth of a fireplace but prefer a sleeker, more streamlined model.  With the advent of wider, wall-mounted TV’s, linear fireplaces are outselling traditional fireplaces, because of a better balance with the width of today’s TV’s.

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Linear fireplaces are ideal for all types of homes and even commercial establishments. They feature a low and long rectangular viewing area along with a wide range of flames. The linear units also come with more features and options for homeowners and can be completely customized based on your preferences. This enables homeowners to choose a model which fits in perfectly with the current décor of their living area.

Dynasty Linear Electric Fireplace


Many homeowners opt for electric linear fireplaces since they have some advantages over gas models. For example, they’re generally less expensive to purchase and operate and don’t require any venting, just a wall socket. When selected and installed correctly, electric linear fireplaces may be safely mounted directly below TV’s. In addition, they’re safe to use, are easy to maintain, don’t lose any heat due to venting and don’t generate carbon monoxide. Linear electric fireplaces are convenient sources of heat and can add warmth and beauty to a home without the cost, maintenance, and expense of a wood-burning option.

Napoleon 50" Allure
Napoleon 50″ Allure electric linear fireplace

At Stylish Fireplaces in Vaughan, we offer customers in the Greater Toronto Area a wide range of in-wall and on-wall linear fireplaces, inserts, and accessories. We carry the most popular and reliable brands in the business including Sierra Flame, Modern Flames, Dynasty, Amantii, and Dimplex.

Some of our most sought-after models are: Dimplex BLF74 linear firebox, the Dynasty BT-55 linear fireplace, the Amantii WM-FM-26-3623-BG-EMBER linear fireplace, the Sierra Flame VISTA-BI-50-12 linear fireplace, and the Modern Flames CLX2-80 linear fireplace.

Our linear fireplaces come in numerous styles and sizes. If you’d like more detailed information on our line of fireplaces please contact us at Stylish Fireplaces at your convenience or drop by our Vaughan showroom to see them in action. Our team of experts will be more than happy to explain how each fireplace works and will gladly help you choose the ideal model for your home and lifestyle.