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Modern Flames


Modern Flames has been making contemporary linear electric fireplaces for their North American customers ever since 2008. The company is well known in the industry for its innovation and design for both commercial and residential settings. New fireplaces are added to the Modern Flames’ extensive catalogue on an annual basis. The Custom Linear Deluxe (CLX)) series is the most popular. The units come in a variety of sizes and with several options for the ember bed such as stones and glass as well as different coloured flame effects.

The ever-popular LED flame technology is ideal for those who are looking to lower their electricity costs through energy-saving appliances. Designer fronts are optional, but the ultra-modern touch-screen controls are standard. Modern Flames is a company that is continuously evolving as new products are being designed on a regular basis to keep with a constantly changing market. The business specializes in customized sizes and designs to meet all of its customers’ needs and works hand in hand with clients such as Wendy’s, Hyatt Regency, and Cineplex. In addition, Modern Flames now distributes its fine line of electric fireplaces across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

modern flames spectrum Series

Spectrum Slimline Series

The Spectrum Slimline Series fireplaces are built-in, flush-mount units which come in different sizes and offer versatile flame options. You’ll find10 different combinations are available when it comes to choice of flame colour. The flames and ember bed work independently to create a spectacular spectrum of clear, crisp colours. The ember bed features multicoloured glacier crystal glass and the models are available sizes of 50, 60, 74, and 100 inches. The fireplaces include a remote control, touch control and thermostat. 

Landscape FullView 2 Series

The Landscape FullView 2 Series by Modern Flames features built-in electric fireplaces which are ideal alternatives to linear gas models. These units come with a unique frame-less design which enables endless surround capabilities and flame presentation from edge to edge. The fireplaces can be found in five different sizes to meet your needs and have two customized flame bed choices. In addition, the models include an optional two-stage heating unit which is ideal to provide supplemental heat for areas of up to 450 square feet.

CLX 2 Series

CLX 2 Series

These recessed/wall mount fireplaces are currently the company’s most popular units. The CLX Series is recognized as being the industry’s first linear electric fireplaces. The models were introduced in 2010 and could be recessed into a wall due to their innovative design. The CLX 2 Series offers LED flame colours from orange to blue long with glacier crystal to coal interchangeable media and built-in touch screen controls. The fireplaces come with a bottom-mounted heat vent and are offered in five different sizes which are 45, 60, 80, 100 and 144 inches in length.

ZCR Series

The Modern Flames ZCR series features electric inserts which are designed for existing wood-burning fireplaces. They provide and economical and beautiful alternative for a insert or gas log set. These easy-to-install units can simply be installed into a zero clearance or existing masonry fireplace and just plugged into a wall socket. This popular model features realistic looking LED Canyon Juniper Logs as well as a beautiful decorative trim piece. The ZCR Series combines energy efficiency, easy installation and glowing realism for any room of your home or office.

modern flames builder series

Builder Series

The Modern Flames Builder Series have been designed for longevity and cost. These 40 and 43-inch models are contemporary non-heat units which feature LED flames and consume just 25 watts of total electricity.

Fusion Fire

The FusionFire Steam Fireplace utilizes steam-flame technology which is designed to operate on a small amount of water. It runs on clean steam energy and 120 volts of electricity and is safe to touch. This model features life-like flames and combines the best aspects of electric and gas fireplaces.

modern flames Fusion Fire


The right fireplace can create a beautiful and comforting focal point in your home. Modern Flames offers a variety of design options to help you find the fireplace that will be the right fit for you. The brand stays on top of the industry by keeping up with current design trends and styles. Whether you want your fireplace to be the large focal point of your room or a small trendy accent piece to spark conversation, you can find what you are looking for with a Modern Flames electric fireplace.