Wood wall planks are ideal for creating a rustic or cottage look in any room.

Choose white and run them horizontally for a shiplap look. Choose faded gray and run them vertically for the look of barnboard. Our wood wall planks are specially designed for easy installation with minimal tools. They are tongue and groove, so each plank locks onto the previous one. Hold them in place with a few nails from a nail gun, and move on to the next.

All of our wood wall planks are made in Canada with softwood lumber, and finished to lend themselves to various styles, from coastal to cottage. They come in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths, depending on the collection. Some are all the same thickness, while others combine various thicknesses for a truly three-dimensional finish.

Wood wall planks are the perfect complement for our electric fireplaces. Electric fires are zero-clearance, so there’s no worry about wood wall planks catching fire. NOTE: wood wall planks are perfectly safe around electric fireplaces, but may not be suitable for other types of fireplaces, where clearance from combustible materials is required.

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