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Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements with Electric Fireplaces

At Stylish Fireplaces, we know how important a fireplace is to our enjoyment of a room. One of the reasons that we specialize in electric fireplaces is because they are so easy to incorporate into almost any space. Because they require no venting or complicated gas lines, they may be set up in any room that has an electrical connection. That’s also what makes them perfect for do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvements.

There are many electric fireplaces that may be installed with little or no construction. Some require simple tools, like a hand drill and level, while others are plug-and-play. There are also furniture pieces that require some assembly. All electric fireplaces connect to regular 120-volt electrical lines, most with a simple plug. Most electric fireplaces have full-feature remotes to make operations simple and convenient.

Linear Fireplaces for DIY

Linear fireplaces are extremely popular, especially for homeowners who are placing a fireplace below their TV. While most are made to be inserted into a wall opening, to be flush with the wall, many may also be surface-mounted. These units simply require the installation of a metal plate or bracket to be screwed into the wall, and then the fireplace is hooked onto this plate or bracket. You may decide to add a cord cover to hide the electrical cord, or to strategically position a bench or table below the fireplace to hide the cord.

Wall-mounted Fireplaces for DIY

Other wall-mounted fireplaces are purpose-built to be mounted on the wall, with decorative surrounds that add style while also covering electrical connections. These units offer the added benefit of bringing another design element to the room.

Mantel Packages for DIY

Mantel packages bring together a firebox with a cabinet. Some cabinets must be assembled; others come fully assembled. Either way, the firebox simple slides into place and plugs into a regular household receptacle. These electric fireplaces with cabinets are ideal for anyone who isn’t comfortable with tools, or who can’t mark the walls in a rental space. They are also easily moved around the room or packed up when you move house. When positioned in front of the electrical outlet, they will perfectly hide any cords and wires. There are electric fireplace cabinets that look like traditional fireplaces and others that are designed as media cabinets, for holding audio-visual equipment and TVs.

Dimplex Linwood GDS33G-1310RG electric fireplace

Electric Stoves for DIY

Even simpler than the mantel packages are electric fireplaces that look like wood stoves. Most of these units are ‘plug and play’; just unpack them, plug them in, and fire them up. There is even a stove with water-based Optimyst technology, for incredibly realistic flames. Although they are compact, stoves still have heaters and remote controls.

Log Sets for DIY

The most compact of the DIY electric fireplace options are log sets. Most log sets require a plug inside the fireplace, which is awkward to achieve without a licensed electrician. However, there are now log sets available that have an optional battery pack – no cords required! This means that you can retrofit a wood-burning fireplace in minutes, without tools.

Electric Fireplaces Logsets Canada


Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to mean do it alone. Our experts know electric fireplaces and we’ve been working around home improvements for over 25 years. Not sure what size fireplace is right for your space? We have design help. Want to know our best tips for easier installations? We have installation help. Need help comparing different models? We have an all-electric showroom at our disposal, for photos and videos to help you out. Get in touch and let Stylish Fireplaces help make your projects a success.