Best Electric Fireplaces for Bedrooms

When it comes to the Best Electric Fireplaces for bedrooms, different people have different criteria to define ‘best’. In our Toronto-area showroom, the most common requests for bedroom fireplaces are: It is two-sided and see-through; It has sound effects; It doesn’t require construction. Homeowners may ask for one or more of these criteria in a […]

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room – Before I was originally called upon to help design two fireplace walls in this home. As renovations progressed, the homeowners asked if I could help with advice and decorating in other parts of the house. Renovations were well under way when the question was raised of adding a pantry to […]

The Best Electric Heaters (when an electric fireplace won’t do)

As electric fireplace specialists, we would like to think that every room needs a fireplace. However, even we have to admit that some rooms just don’t lend themselves to an electric fireplace. When you need supplemental heat and there isn’t space for a fireplace, or the heating requirements are greater than can be met by […]

5 Reasons to add an Electric Outdoor Fireplace to your home

Outdoor In wall mounted electric fireplaces

If you mention outdoor fireplaces to someone, it’s unlikely that they would immediately think of electric (unless they work for Stylish Fireplaces, of course!) However, an electric outdoor fireplace has many advantages over other outdoor fireplaces, fueled by wood, natural gas or propane. We are fortunate that Amantii has had the forethought to test and […]

Shop Local – Part 2

As Summer winds down and Fall settles in, it’s a great time to take a road trip to enjoy the colourful scenery. Maybe your next outing will include one of these stops along the way. Waterford, Ontario I hadn’t been to Waterford in decades. It’s just north of Simcoe, where I grew up. On a […]