2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Introducing our Holiday Gift Guide! It’s not too late to have a fireplace for Christmas or New Year’s. Below are items that are in stock (as of time of posting), and don’t require construction. We call them ‘plug-and-play’. With an electric fireplace, and our expertise, it’s easy to create a room that you’ll love to […]

COP27: Climate Change and Electric Fireplaces

As COP27, the United Nations conference on climate change, wraps up in Egypt, it’s a good time to review the relationship between fireplaces and climate change. After all, the selection and installation of a fireplace is something that individuals can control, and it has a potential impact on the environment. Let’s start with the basics: […]

Electric Fireplaces are Better than Gas – Here’s Why

Full disclosure: As long-time electric fireplace experts, we are in the business of promoting electric fireplaces over gas. In a part of the world where most people heat their homes with natural gas, it’s been a challenge to help people understand the advantages of electric fireplaces over gas fires. Recent events have more homeowners and […]

How to Convert a Gas Fireplace to Electric

As more homeowners become aware of the advantages of electric fireplaces over gas fires, we are increasingly being asked about how to convert a gas fireplace to electric. While we don’t do this work, we have been part of many projects where this is happening. Depending on what other work is going on in your […]

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? Fireplace Safety Tips

Fire Safety Week is in October, which just happens to coincide with the start of fireplace season. It’s a good time to review the safety of all fireplaces. Below, we cover the basics of fireplace safety, and compare electric fireplaces to gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Fireplace Safety: Containing Sparks and Logs When we think of […]

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