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Accessorizing your fireplace with custom fireplace doors and screens

At Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors, we specialize in electric fireplaces. Because we do a lot of fireplace makeovers, replacing wood-burning and gas fireplaces with electric units, we also see a lot of traditional fireplaces. A wood-burning fireplace, in particular, is a perfect canvas for accessorizing with fireplace doors and screens.  In fact, if more people […]

Fireplaces & TVs: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Fireplaces & TVs Putting fireplaces & TVs together has become the norm. We hear about it all the time in our fireplace showroom. In fact, it’s so common that the most popular fireplaces are those that are most like TV’s in size and shape. Having the TV above or near the fireplace has its challenges, so we’ve put […]

What makes a great custom wall unit?

AFTER Munro fireplace wall ~ replace stone & cabinetry with new stone and custom cabinetry

Not every fireplace calls for a custom wall unit, but when it is the right solution, we want to make sure it’s perfect for the client’s needs. What makes a great custom wall unit varies from project to project, but we’ve put together a list of our top considerations. Where’s the TV? When a TV […]

Fireplace Design with Meredith Heron

At Stylish Fireplaces, we work with many talented design professionals. We decided to ask some of them for their thoughts on fireplace design. The following is the input we received from Meredith Heron, of Meredith Heron Design. She’s not shy about sharing her opinions on design, or anything else. Whether you agree or disagree with her ideas, […]

Christmas Mantels: 7 Holiday Fireplace Themes

As fireplace experts, we’re naturally drawn to fireplace decorating and design ideas year-round. However, at Christmas, we’re particularly intrigued by all the many ways that one can embellish fireplace mantels. We’ve broken them down into 7 themes, to help you find your perfect Christmas mantel decor. Christmas Mantels with Flowers Incorporating potted plants, like amaryllis […]

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