Before and After: Stripe it up!

When the client came to us, she had already done a great job of pulling together her condo decor. She wanted to add a fireplace to the wall opposite her sofa, where it would be visible from the living and dining areas. Of concern were the air return vents and the electrical outlet, eyesores that […]

5 Reasons to Add Wallpaper to Your Home Now

Wallpaper is having a ‘moment’ in design.  Some would argue that it never went away, particularly in high-end interiors.  What I know is that I have had 2 large wallpaper jobs so far this year, and it’s been a while since that happened. Hurray!  There is so much more to be achieved with wallpaper than with […]

6 Reasons to Reconsider Electric Fireplaces after a Nasty Winter

On April 1, 2014, Ontarions thought the local gas utilities had played a cruel April Fool’s joke on them. Enbridge had been granted permission to raise their prices by 40%, while Union Gas had asked for a 28% increase. The reasons had to do with our seemingly endless winter, increased demand for home heating fuel, […]

Before and After: Lakeside Fireplace Wall

When we first met these clients, they walked into our showroom as a last resort. They had been searching for a gas fireplace for the living room in a house they had just purchased on Lake Simcoe. Venting the gas fireplace was creating seemingly insurmountable issues, and they had decided that if we couldn’t find […]

5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace in the Spring

    Zone Heating: When it becomes too warm to have the furnace turned on all day, but it’s a little chilly in the morning and evening, an electric fireplace can take the chill off your favourite room, up to 400 square feet. Once the room is at a comfortable temperature, just turn off the […]