The Myth of Online Bargains, Part II

We know that today’s consumers have the option to check every detail about our products online, before, during and after they visit our store. So we did a little checking of our own. Last article, we showed you how our prices for wall-mounted fireplaces compare to a popular on-line fireplace site. Here is what we […]

The Myth of On-line Bargains

How competitive are your prices? We hear this question at least once a week. Our biggest competition for quality electric fireplaces isn’t another store — who else has our selection? Shoppers now go online to compare features and prices, so we thought we would tackle this question by comparing our prices to the most popular […]

Electric Grills Offer Unexpected Performance

If you love to grill, but you don’t love working with propane, natural gas, or charcoal, or these are not an option where you live, then you might want to consider an electric grill. Industry leader Dimplex offers the PowerChef line in several sizes, all of which share the following features: ‘Evensear’ dual element technology […]

Design Trends from the Toronto Gift Show

In our business, we see a lot of fireplaces, and we’ve noticed that not everyone knows how to put the finishing touches on their fireplace. For October 2012, we will begin offering a selection of accessories to complement both mantels and wall-mounted fireplaces. At the recent CGTA gift show inToronto, we were on the lookout […]

Electric Grills 101: Five things you need to know

Warm weather is on the way – in some parts of the country, we’ve already had a sampling of summer – and that means grilling season can’t be far behind. If you’re shopping for a new grill, you might want to consider going electric instead of gas. Here’s what you need to know about electric […]