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Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? Fireplace Safety Tips

Fire Safety Week is in October, which just happens to coincide with the start of fireplace season. It’s a good time to review the safety of all fireplaces. Below, we cover the basics of fireplace safety, and compare electric fireplaces to gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Fireplace Safety: Containing Sparks and Logs When we think of […]

The Best Family-Friendly Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are inherently family-friendly, more so than any other type of fireplace. As with wood-burning and gas fireplaces, the ambience of an electric fireplace creates a gathering place where friends and family are drawn together. However, there are additional features that make electric fireplaces even more family-friendly than gas or wood-burning fireplaces: The glass […]

Electric fireplaces vs. gas: How much heat do I need?

DImplex 30" Revillusion electric fireplace

As electric fireplace specialists, we answer questions about ‘How much heat do I need’ all the time. We know there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the topic of electric fireplaces vs. gas, especially when it comes to heat. To help you out, we’ve put together some guidelines. How much heat do […]

Gas fireplaces vs Electric fireplaces – Which is better?

Not a day goes by in our showroom that we aren’t asked to compare gas fireplaces vs electric fireplaces. As more clients become aware of electric fireplaces, it’s only natural that they want to understand the differences of gas fireplaces vs electric fireplaces. Here is a summary of the major differences between gas fireplaces vs […]

How will an electric fireplace save me money?

How will an electric fireplace save me money? As electric fireplace specialists, we hear a lot of misconceptions about electric fireplaces when people visit our showroom. One of the most common is that electric fireplaces are expensive to operate. In fact, the opposite is true, so we want to address the question “How will an […]

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