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The Best Rooms for Electric Fireplaces

Are some rooms better suited to an electric fireplace than others? It’s a question that comes up in our showroom from time to time. The answer depends on the reasons for purchasing a fireplace, so we’ve prepared a summary of the best rooms for an electric fireplace, to help you decide. The best rooms for […]

How are Electric Fireplaces installed?

As electric fireplace specialists, we are asked a lot of questions about how to install electric fireplaces. Compared to other types of fireplaces, they are relatively simple. They are truly zero-clearance; the walls around the fireplace don’t heat up and there is no combustion inside the fireplace. This means that you can literally install them […]

What are the electrical requirements for an Electric Fireplace?

As specialists in electric fireplaces, we answer a lot of questions about the electrical requirements for our fireplaces. There are a few basic concepts that are important to understand before installing an electric fireplace. The following overview is presented in layman’s terms and is not intended to be a technical course in electricity. Whenever you […]

Guide to Choosing an Electric Fireplace

With hundreds of styles and sizes to choose from, how do you know which electric fireplace is best for your project? Over the many years that we have been guiding customers to the perfect electric fireplace, we have developed a few questions to help them zero in on the right one.   What size do […]

Best New Electric Fireplaces of 2021: Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stove

As you spend more time at home, you may be noticing that some rooms could use a bit more heat and ambiance, especially now that they are being used as home offices or home-schooling zones. Who has time for a renovation?! An electric stove is the ideal solution to tuck into a corner. Unfortunately, this […]

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