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Electric Fireplaces are Better than Gas – Here’s Why

Full disclosure: As long-time electric fireplace experts, we are in the business of promoting electric fireplaces over gas. In a part of the world where most people heat their homes with natural gas, it’s been a challenge to help people understand the advantages of electric fireplaces over gas fires. Recent events have more homeowners and […]

COP26: Climate Change and Electric Fireplaces

At Stylish Fireplaces, we have been talking about the benefits of electric fireplaces for almost 20 years. For most clients, this discussion has centered around how much heat they need, and whether a gas or electric fireplace will best meet their needs. Conversations around energy-efficiency have been driven by misconceptions about electricity costs vs. natural […]

What are the most energy-efficient electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are by their nature, energy-efficient. The flames are created using LED technology, with very low power usage. In addition, the flames may be operated independently from the heater. This means that we can have flames without heat if we so choose. Heaters are responsible for most of the power consumption on electric fireplaces, […]

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