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The Ins and Outs of Wall-mounted Fireplaces: 5 Things to Consider

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are an increasingly popular option, especially for those people who prefer a more contemporary interior. If you are considering a wall-mounted fireplace for your home or condo, there are several decisions you will need to make before selecting the right fireplace for your space:   Do you want to cut into the […]

Product Review: Dimplex Ignite XLF50 vs. Napoleon Alluravision NEFL50CHD

Our showroom features over 50 electric fireplaces, and our job is to advise clients on the differences.  Everyone wants to know ‘Which one is the best?’ When it comes to linear fireplaces, two of our most popular options are the Dimplex Ignite XLF50 vs. Napoleon Alluravision NEFL50CHD. Quick Comparison:  Dimplex Ignite XLF50 vs. Napoleon Alluravision […]

Best Electric Fireplaces of 2017

We’ve just returned from THE industry event for fireplace dealers, the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an opportunity to see and compare the latest electric fireplace offerings from all of our manufacturers. Here is our summary of the best electric fireplaces of 2017. Dimplex Revillusion Style – traditional, open hearth […]

Condo Fireplace Makeover: Before and After

Condo Fireplace Conundrum Today’s condominium suites are full of floor-to-ceiling windows, with very few walls remaining for furnishings, let alone fireplaces. What to do when the sole interior wall is further complicated by an HVAC closet that must be accessible for servicing? How do you create a condo fireplace feature then? That’s exactly the situation that […]

Wall-Mounted Fireplaces: Find the Best one for you

Wall-mounted Fireplaces As televisions have been increasingly mounted on walls, the popularity of wall-mounted fireplaces has grown. It has become acceptable to mount the TV above the fireplace, and wall-mounted fireplaces tend to mimic the size and shape of TVs.  Today, it is the most popular type of fireplace in our Toronto-area showroom.  Wall-mounted fireplaces fall into two […]