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Is Napoleon a good brand of electric fireplaces?

In wall mounted electric fireplaces

As electric fireplace specialists, we answer a lot of questions about various brands, and we spend a lot of time helping customers to compare brands. In our showroom, most visitors have heard of Napoleon grills or gas fireplaces. So they want to know, ‘Is Napoleon a good brand of electric fireplaces?’ Here’s what we tell […]

Electric Fireplaces with Storage

Dimplex GDS50GS-1587 Elliot electric fireplace

One of the great advantages of electric fireplaces is their ability to be installed into cabinetry without worrying about flammability of the materials. Electric fireplaces truly are zero-clearance. For that reason, electric fireplace manufacturers are able to design furniture pieces with clever storage around the electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces with storage are ideal for condos […]

Can Electric Fireplaces heat 1000 square feet?

Napoleon Taylor electric fireplace

We get a lot of questions about the heating capabilities of electric fireplaces. Some people don’t realize that electric fireplaces have heaters at all. Others aren’t sure how much heat they will get from an electric fireplace. The good news is that electric fireplaces are very flexible when it comes to heating, more flexible than […]

The Best Budget-friendly Electric Fireplaces

Whenever we attempt to quantify the ‘best’ of something, there’s automatically a subjective element to the list. When we consider the ‘best budget-friendly electric fireplaces’, we know that ‘budget-friendly’ means different things to different people. For the purposes of this article, we will consider an electric fireplace to be budget-friendly based on the purchase price, […]

Are electric fireplaces expensive to operate?

Are electric fireplaces expensive to operate? Of all the misconceptions about electric fireplaces, this is the most confusing for many people. In our part of the world, most homes are now heated with natural gas. Homeowners have been told for years that it is much more energy-efficient and economical to heat their homes with natural […]