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5 Reasons Why you Need to Add an Outdoor Electric Fireplace to your Backyard in 2020

Outdoor In wall mounted electric fireplaces

There’s no question that 2020 will be one for the record books. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and restrictions associated with the worldwide pandemic, we have never spent so much time at home, with only a very close circle for company. As restrictions ease and our social circles expand, we will still be spending more […]

Best Outdoor Electric Fireplaces for Summer 2020

In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, Summer 2020 is shaping up to be the summer of the stay-cation. That means many of us are fixing up our backyards, patios and decks. Adding a fireplace can be challenging. With an electric fireplace, and our expertise, you can create an inviting backyard that you will love to […]

Outdoor electric fireplaces vs. gas fireplaces

If you use your backyard regularly, you’ve likely considered adding a fireplace, especially if you live in a colder climate. Most people assume that an outdoor fireplace must be fueled by natural gas or propane. However, there are now electric fireplaces that are rated for outdoors.  When comparing outdoor electric fireplaces vs. gas fireplaces, many […]

Outdoor Fireplaces: Part of a year-round backyard

  The Outdoor Room trend According to the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Design Trends survey,  fire pits and outdoor fireplaces were considered ‘popular Outdoor Room elements’ by 78% of landscape architects surveyed. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, who have been tracking the outdoor room trend for over a decade, and trademarked The Outdoor Room […]