Believe it or not, not everyone is putting a TV above their linear fireplace!  Admittedly, the majority of buyers for the wide fireplaces are matching the rectangular fireplace below with a rectangular TV above.  If you are NOT putting a TV above your fireplace, then you may need some help deciding just what you CAN put up there.  We have a few suggestions:

 natural textures above 8123 resized

If you prefer straight lines, we recommend a grouping of rectangular pieces that are smaller than the fireplace, mounted in such a way that they do not look wider than the fireplace glass.  This grouping of natural textures nicely contrasts with the sleek black glass of the fireplace.   When placing natural materials or art on paper or canvas above a fireplace, be sure that there is no heat blowing up onto the art, to avoid damaging it.  This Amantii WM-BI-72-8123 fireplace blows the heat from a bottom vent.

luna rings on brick resized

If you prefer something a little less linear above your linear fireplace, you might consider circles.  This sculpture balances the scale of the fireplace below without overpowering it.   Like many of these metal sculptures, they would work just as well above a wall-mounted TV.

circle of birds resized

This smaller version with birds is ideal for fireplaces (or TV’s) in the 36” to 48” width.

 floral vine horizontal resized

This floral vine combines orderliness with curves.  It also adds a dash of colour.  Like many of these pieces, this one may also be hung vertically.

floral vine vertical resized


If you’re daring enough to go more abstract above your fireplace, then a metal branch like this might be for you.   The best thing about metal sculptures above fireplaces is that they can handle whatever heat is directed their way (unlike paintings).

laurel leaf vine resizesd

metallic bloom resized

This metallic bloom is sized for smaller fireplaces, and comes in a silvery finish that works with satin nickel and stainless steel.

flock of birds on stone resized

 A flock of birds cast in metal works well with the rusticity of ledgestone or brick, and the mounting is flexible enough to handle the uneven surfaces.

flock of birds on brick resized


This is just a sampling of the interesting pieces that are available.  Choose something that is the right scale for your fireplace (not wider than the glass), and the right style for your home décor.  Linear wall-mounted fireplaces are not traditional fireplaces, so they demand to be accessorized in non-traditional ways.

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