Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces Toronto

Fireplaces add a sense of warmth, physically and emotionally into a home, and can transform a commercial building into a professional space that makes a business appear distinguished and puts clients at ease. Electric fireplaces offer many of the same advantages of a wood burning fireplace without the mess and smell of smoke. They are a great way to add comfort and warmth into your room.

If you don’t currently have a wood burning fireplace in your home or business and are interested in adding a fireplace to your home or office, one of the easiest options is an electric wall mounted fireplace. With electric fireplaces there is no need to add a chimney or install a gas line and wall mount units can go just about anywhere you can find an outlet.

You can shop our selection of in-wall mounted fireplaces and on-wall mounted fireplaces here.

Benefits of an electric wall mounted fireplace

The first electric fireplace was invented in the 1912 and in the 50’s started to become wildly popular. The advancements in wall mounted electric fireplaces have come a long way from the early 1900’s thanks to modern technology.  Electric fireplaces are very popular in Toronto due to their low cost, easy installation, and versatility.

Wall mounted fireplaces are easy to install and they require no ventilation. They can be quickly installed on any wall that has an electric outlet. You simply attach the bracket to the wall, attach the fireplace, plug in and turn on. You can use an outlet behind the mount to hide the cord completely or take advantage of the many design ideas that allow you to hide the cord to give the appearance of a more traditional fireplace.

Wall mounted fireplaces allow you to design the flow and focal point of your room the way you want; no more trying to arrange your furniture around a big bulky fireplace. They are a fantastic option for those that have little space to work with, and with a variety of designs and finishes that are pleasing to the eye.

Wall mounted fireplaces do what wood-burning fires can’t

While wall mounted fireplaces are able to provide the comforts of a traditional fireplace they have many benefits that wood-burning fireplaces can’t offer:

• Create ambience in your room with back-lighting options
• Use a timer option to turn off your fireplace at the end of a long day
• Ability to control the size of the flame
• Options to turn off the heat so you can enjoy your fireplace during all seasons

Find the wall mounted fireplace you are looking for

At Stylish Fireplaces we work to provide wall mounted fireplace options to meet every individual’s needs and preferences. For that reason we carry multiple brands including:

Dimplex – Dimplex is one of the leading brands of electric fireplaces. They have a patented flame technology that recreates the look of a wood burning fireplace that is unparalleled in the industry. Their wall mount fireplaces choices in the look of drift wood, pebbles, river rock, sand, and glass as well as multiple sizes to fit any home.

Amantii – Amantii Fireplaces provides a wide selection of clean and contemporary designs that will make beautiful and trendy focal points for any room.

Dynasty Fireplaces – Dynasty Fireplaces are the experts in natural stone. The material they use is hand-picked from around the world to provide you with the highest quality stone. They carry a large variety of wall mount electric fireplaces.

Modern Flames – Modern Flames was at the forefront of introducing the contemporary linear electric fireplace in 2008 around North America. Modern flames offer many options including touch screen controls and real stone fronts. They have designers and architects working to keep bringing innovative products to the industry.

Sierra Flame – Sierra Flame promises to focus on quality over quantity. Their fireplaces feature a large flame that is unlike others in the industry. They include upgrades to their units that are considered extras by others, including remote control and decorate rock sets.
Come visit us at Stylish Fireplace to look around our showroom and find the wall mounted fireplace that is right for you.