Have you noticed that the glass or metal frames around most fireplaces are black?  Yet, when it comes to mantel designs, the most-requested finish is white.   If you’ve ever wished that your fireplace didn’t have to be a black box, there’s good news — there is now a great selection of electric fireplaces with white glass faces instead of black glass.

In spite of our love of white when it comes to traditional fireplace surrounds, many of us are reluctant to go white when it come to the glass on our fireplaces.  To help you accept this new trend, here are our Top 5 Reasons to go with white glass:

Seasonal flames:  White glass units include the ability to change flame colour from yellow to blue.  This means that you can have cool blue flames in the summer, and warm yellow flames in the winter.

Dynasty EF69-WGR Miami Flame

Dynast EF69-WGR


Neutral décor:  White glass offers a softer look in a neutral or all-white room.  There’s no need to settle for a black box in the midst of your light, bright décor.

new amantii_wmbi-34-fi-room 1000 pix

Amantii WM-BI-34-4423


Design options:  White blends beautifully with lighter stone and tile surrounds and paint colours.  Or, it provides a sharp contrast to your darker accents.

Travertine house - spacious living room

Amantii WM-BI-48-5823


Unique style:  White glass faces are still in the minority for fireplace purchases.  This gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd, while getting the best fit for your space.

new amantii_InSERT-30-Marble-room 1000 pix

Amantii Insert-30-4026

Modern or traditional:  White is right with both contemporary and traditional décor.

new amantii_zc-30-mantle-yellow-room-1000pix

Amantii ZECL-30-3226

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