When the client came to us, she had already done a great job of pulling together her condo decor. She wanted to add a fireplace to the wall opposite her sofa, where it would be visible from the living and dining areas. Of concern were the air return vents and the electrical outlet, eyesores that would take away from the beauty of the fireplace.


After reviewing the photos of her suite, and looking at the colour and fabric swatches that she provided, we recommended that the wall be painted with a wide ‘stripe’ in a slightly different colour than the rest of the wall. This would draw the eye away from the vent and put the focus on her fireplace.

She selected a wall-mounted fireplace with natural Travertine surround, which would project from the wall about 5.5″. To hide the back of the unit, we created a custom ‘collar’ and painted it to match her wall. This way, no one would see the back of the fireplace from the dining area. An outlet was created to one side of the unit, behind the stone, so that there would be no visible cord.

We crowned the fireplace with a ring sculpture, to reinforce the black accents in the space. The result is sophisticated and inviting, and adds a true focal point to the space.



Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces in their GTA showroom. They also offer custom design services to complete the project. 


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