We worked with our client from the early stages of her move from house to condo. In addition to assisting her with the design decisions required by the builder to complete the interiors, we were also asked to consult on the decorating. Part of that process entailed the design and installation of custom cabinetry, including an electric fireplace.


What was needed:

  • Storage space
  • Display space
  • TV space
  • Fireplace


Challenges encountered:

  • A single straight wall in an otherwise curved room
  • Limited square footage to accomplish all the functions
  • An adjoining dining space from which the fireplace would be visible
  • Electrical requirements had to be specified and ordered prior to construction of the condo.


Design Details:

  • We came up with a wall unit that housed all the necessary functions on the lone straight wall in the space.
  • In order to keep the cabinetry from overwhelming the small space, we had the storage/display/TV portion painted in the wall colour.
  • In order to make the fireplace stand out, we designed that portion of the cabinetry as a mantel, with granite hearth. We used a wood finish to visually separate it from the rest of the wall. To maximize visibility, we placed it at the end of the wall in order to position it between the living and dining areas. And of course, we installed an electric fireplace insert with bi-fold doors.

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