In our Toronto-area showroom, we’ve been getting more frequent requests for 3-sided electric fireplaces. They seem to suit today’s open floor plans, with visible flames from more than one side. In response, electric fireplace manufacturers are working to fill this category with exciting new products. Below is our list of the Best 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces for 2020.

Napoleon TriVista – Best Value in 3-sided electric fireplaces for 2020

Napoleon NEFB60H-3SV TriVista 3-sided electric fireplace
Napoleon TriVista 3-sided electric fireplace

The TriVista makes our list of Best 3-sided Electric Fireplaces for 2020 because of its slim 9.5 inch depth – the first electric to create a multi-sided unit in such a slim profile. Such a small footprint is a huge benefit to anyone building out a wall to accommodate a new fireplace, as it takes up less floor space. The TriVista also has one of the nicest Napoleon flame effects yet, with yellow/orange/blue options as on all recent models. There is also multi-coloured LED lighting under the ember bed, and in the lighting above the ember bed. Speaking of ember beds, Napoleon provides both clear crystals and Northern Woods logs so there’s no need to spend extra to get the ember media of your choice. The logs are nicely coloured to pick up the coloured overhead lighting.

Like other Napoleon electric fireplaces, the Trivista is attractively priced and provides great bang for the buck. It is dual-voltage, able to be direct-wired to both 120 and 240 volt connections, for very flexible heat output. It is also equipped with a ‘heat disable’ function if there are small children about with wandering fingers. There is no danger of the glass getting hot or the unit overheating, but you don’t want the heat inadvertently turned on in July! The Napoleon TriVista comes in 50-inch and 60-inch widths, the most in-demand sizes.


Amantii Tru-View-XL-XT – Most Impressive in 3-sided electric fireplaces for 2020

Amantii 40-TRV-XT-XL electric fireplace
Amantii Tru-View Extra Tall 40-inch electric fireplace

Amantii was the first electric fireplace manufacturer to come out with a unit with glass on 3 sides, in their original Tru-View-XL series. It comes in widths ranging from 40 to 72 inches, with an overall depth of 14.25 inches, and a glass height of 15.625 inches. Building on the success of these units, they have now introduced an extra tall unit, the Tru-View-XL-XT. Amantii is one of the few manufacturers who have embraced the extra height viewing glass in their linear line-up, including on their Panorama and Symmetry series. The Tru-View extra tall unit has a very impressive 22-inch glass height, with taller flames to better fill the space. Extra tall Amantii units come in the original Tru-View depth of 14.25 inches, so they can hold full-size logs. All of which makes the Amantii Tru-View-XL-XT one of the Best 3-sided Electric Fireplaces for 2020.

Amantii has also introduced a new Tru-View-XL-Slim, with an overall depth of 10.625 inches.


Modern Flames Sedona and Landscape Pro Multi – Most Versatile Style range in 3-sided electric fireplaces for 2020

Modern Flames LPM-8016 Landscape Pro Multi
Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 3-sided electric fireplace

Modern Flames has gotten into the multi-sided category in a big way, with options in both linear and traditional styles. For these reasons, they are one of our Best 3-sided Electric Fireplaces for 2020.

The Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi comes in widths of 44, 56, 68, and 80 inches, with an overall depth of 11.5 inches. These units are also designed for surface-mounted, semi-flush, or fully flush installations. They are dual-voltage, able to be hardwired to 120 or 240 volts, with up to 10,000 BTU heat output. The Landscape Pro Multi will come standard with clear stones, Smoke Glacier crystals, and Canyon Driftwood log set. The full feature remote control includes an RGB colour wheel and brightness slide bar, for adjusting LED colours on flames, ember bed and downlighting. The array of available colours on the Landscape Pro is stunning!


Modern Flames Sedona Multi electric fireplace
Modern Flames Sedona Multi traditional 2 or 3 sided electric fireplace

The Sedona is a more traditional firebox, and is so new that details haven’t been finalized yet. It will offer many of the same features as the Landscape Pro Multi, with options for 1, 2 or 3 sides of glass exposed.

Dimplex Ignite 3-sided – Best-selling flame effect in 3-sided electric fireplaces for 2020

The Dimplex Ignite XL series continues to be a best seller, due to its impressive flame realism. They have now added a 3-sided model to this group, with the same impressive flame effect as the original. It’s the flame that makes this one of the Best 3-sided Electric Fireplaces of 2020. It’s so new, we don’t yet have all the specs on it, but it will have a depth of 11.75 inches and will be available in widths of 50, 60, 74, 88 and 100 inches. Note the new 88-inch size!

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