How do you improve on something as basic as an electric fireplace insert? You make it more versatile. Versatility is exactly what makes the Napoleon Cineview series one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.


Napoleon Cineview comes in 2 popular sizes

These are arguably the most popular sizes for electric fireplace inserts: 26-inches and 30-inches wide. The NEFB26H 26-inch Cineview is ideal for retrofitting into most wood-burning openings that we encounter in Canadian homes. For those slightly larger openings, or for creating a new custom fireplace, the NEFB30H 30-inch Cineview is available.  Both are just 7.75 inches deep, which is critical for fitting into existing openings where width quickly becomes smaller as you approach the back of the fireplace. Both are also just over 20 inches high, to offer a slightly elongated profile, and to allow the inserts to fit into a range of opening heights. There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ fireplace opening size, so it’s important that fireplace inserts come in sizes that will slide into the most common masonry openings, with a bit of room to spare. The Napoleon Cineview electric fireplace inserts have been designed with that in mind, which is why we’ve designated them one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Napoleon Cineview NEFB26H NEFB30H with trim
Napoleon Cineview insert shown with included grate & logs & black crystals, and optional trim on 4 sides.

Napoleon Cineview has optional trim kits

The key to retrofitting any electric fireplace insert into an existing masonry opening is the availability of trim kits to cover any gaps around the insert. Napoleon has created a versatile trim kit for both the NEFB26H and the NEFB30H. The trim kits add 5 inches on either 3 or 4 sides, to neatly finish off the installation. The trim kits come with 4 sides, but may be installed on only 3 sides where the inserts are level with the hearth. Some manufacturers sell 3-sided and 4-sided trim kits separately, or they make the fourth (bottom) piece smaller than the other 3 sides. By offering just one trim kit that fits hearth-level or raised inserts, Napoleon has extended the versatility of their Cineview product line, and made purchasing the components as simple as possible. Yet another reason why we view them as one of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Napoleon Cineview NEFB26H NEFB30H with black crystals
Black Crystals are included with Napoleon Cineview inserts, in addition to a grate with logs

Napoleon Cineview comes with a Burnt Oak log set plus Black crystals

Most electric inserts come with a either a traditional grate with logs, or a more contemporary set of crystals or other loose media package. The Napoleon Cineview comes with both a removable grate with log set AND a set of loose black crystals. You may install the insert with either media option, or both. This allows you to have a more traditional-looking fireplace or a contemporary arrangement with a simple change of media packages that you already have on hand – no need to purchase another media kit to change the look of your fireplace! Our customers love products that can adapt to their changing tastes, which is why we’ve included the Cineview in our list of the best new electric fireplaces of 2021.

Napoleon Cineview NEFB26H NEFB30H with crystals
Orange & Blue flames and colourful ember lighting on the Napoleon Cineview insert

Napoleon Cineview inserts have colourful flame and ember options

In only makes sense for a fireplace insert that offers both traditional and contemporary media options that it also offers different flame effects. While traditionalists may prefer to stick with orange flames, those who want a more contemporary fireplace will enjoy mixing orange and blue flames for multi-coloured effects, or all-blue flames in warmer weather. In addition to changing flame options, the 7 ember bed LED colours will highlight the ember bed from below, creating different effects depending on your choice of media arrangement. Combined with flames that change colour, brightness and speed, you can create vastly different effects with a single Napoleon Cineview insert. This helps to makes them one of the best new fireplaces of 2021.


Napoleon Cineview comes with a Remote & touch screen controls

Everyone wants to control their electric fireplace with a remote; who wants to get out of their comfy chair to change the temperature? As with most electric fireplaces, the Napoleon Cineview comes with a full-function remote that controls flame colours, flame speed, accent lighting and temperature settings. If you lose the remote or run out of batteries, you have a digital touch-pad as back-up. This screen also lights up briefly when you use the remote, to show you the settings you have updated. When not in use, the touch-pad disappears so as not to distract from your enjoyment of the fire.

Napoleon Cineview fireplace inserts offer Eco and Boost heat modes

Not everyone installs an electric fireplace insert for heat, but many clients do like the option for supplemental heat when they need it. The Cineview inserts connect to standard 120 volt power, and as such, offer up to 5000 BTUs of heat output. That’s enough heat to take the chill off an area up to 400 square feet. As with all electric fireplaces, the heater operates independent of the flames, so you can enjoy flames without heat if your room is already warm. Both the Cineview NEFB26H and NEFB30H offer thermostat control via remote or touch-pad controls. Additional versatility comes from Eco and Boost settings. In Eco mode, the Cineview heaters run at half-heat, to save energy. In Boost mode, the heaters run at maximum heat with a higher fan setting, to warm up a space in a hurry. The availability of more flexible heating options is yet another reason that we have included the Napoleon Cineview fireplace inserts in our best new fireplaces of 2021.


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