At Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors, we specialize in electric fireplaces. Because we do a lot of fireplace makeovers, replacing wood-burning and gas fireplaces with electric units, we also see a lot of traditional fireplaces. A wood-burning fireplace, in particular, is a perfect canvas for accessorizing with fireplace doors and screens.  In fact, if more people invested in quality fireplace doors and screens, I don’t think they would want us to perform major surgery and replace the whole fireplace! For those who wish to keep their wood-burning fireplace, we partner with Stoll lndustries to provide custom fireplace doors and screens. While most people will play it pretty safe in their selections, there are literally hundreds of options, including custom fireplace doors and screens that can incorporate a motif of your design. If you need help getting started, here are our tips for accessorizing your fireplace with fireplace doors and screens.

Fireplace Doors and Screens – which one is right for you?

A fireplace door sits in a frame that is attached to the fireplace opening. The doors open and close but may not be removed easily. If your fireplace is letting in a lot of cold air in the winter, then fireplace doors may help to keep more of that cold air out of your room.  If you have young children, fireplace doors may be more secure than a screen. If your fireplace opening is raised off the floor, fireplace doors will look neater than a screen that sits on the floor below. SAFETY NOTE: Glass doors may not be kept closed when the fire is burning, unless you’ve invested in Pyro-glass, which can withstand the heat of the fire without shattering.

Stoll Transitional style fireplace doors with cabinet door

A fireplace screen is either mesh or perforated metal that rests on legs and sits on the floor. There are also fireplace screens made of glass, for a more contemporary approach. Fireplace screens must be moved for access to the fire. Fireplace screens may also be moved by children, which could pose a fire hazard. Because they are made of a single piece of metal or glass, there are no dividers down the middle, as there are with most fireplace doors. This allows you to create a more custom design or scene on the fireplace screen.  It is also easier to re-use a fireplace screen because it overlaps the fireplace opening, rather than fitting perfectly within it.

Stoll Old World fireplace screen with operable doors, perforated metal, traditional feet

Fireplace Doors and Screens – how do you choose a design?

When it comes to fireplace doors, there are several options to consider. One of the first things to decide is whether to have cabinet doors or bifold doors. Bifold doors will fold back on themselves and stick out less from the front of the fireplace. Cabinet doors will be larger, and may stick out if there are pillars or other projections at the sides of the fireplace opening.  For the glass on the fireplace doors, you can choose from clear, bronze or gray tints. As mentioned above, there is also Pyro glass to withstand the high temperatures if you wish to have a fire burning with the doors closed. Around and over the glass, you may have metal for support or for decorative purposes. For a cleaner view of the fire, you can reduce the amount of metal between the doors.

Stoll Brentwood fireplace doors with bifold doors, contrasting finishes, Clearview glass

Fireplace screens have fewer options than fireplace doors, but there are still choices to be made. Do you prefer mesh (like a window screen) or perforated metal (a single piece of metal that has holes punched into it).  Perforated metal has more stability for heavy usage and isn’t as prone to damage. There are traditional feet, that reach up the sides of the screen, or flat feet that sit under the frame. Do you want the handles at the top of the frame or at the sides. Maybe you prefer a glass screen, rather than metal, for a sleek contemporary look. You can also have a three-sided fireplace screen, with two side panels hinged to a center section. There are also fireplace screens, that have doors set into the frame, to allow access to the fire without moving the screen. How much overlap do you want around the fireplace opening? Fireplace screens may be made to any dimensions, so you can overlap as much or as little as you like.

Stoll Elite glass fireplace screen with modern base

Fireplace Doors and Screens – how can you customize them?

Let us count the ways! As already mentioned above, custom fireplace doors and screens are made to order, to fit any opening, including arches and odd shapes. With both fireplace doors and fireplace screens, you will have a choice of finish. There are standard finishes and premium finishes, and you can specify different finishes on the outer frame, the doors, the hinges and the handles. Speaking of handles, there are lots of options, and they are interchangeable on all the fireplace doors. There are tinted choices for the glass on fireplace doors, and pattern choices for the glass on fireplace screens. We can even take a drawing from the client, and have Stoll translate it to an outline on a fireplace door or screen. Frames on fireplace doors and fireplace screens may be made wider or slimmer. Fireplace screens may be made to attach to the front of a firebox with magnets, rather than sitting on feet on the hearth.

Stoll Inset fireplace doors with arch and window pane design, contrasting finishes
Stoll Industrial fireplace screen with triple panel option

There are literally hundreds of ways to customize fireplace doors and screens, to suit any fireplace and give it a makeover without construction.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces and custom designs. Their NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialists with with clients to create the fireplace of their dreams. They are proud to work with Stoll Industries to produce custom fireplace doors and screens, as well as quality fireplace tools.