We occasionally have inquiries about corner fireplaces, from people who are challenged by a small space or an awkward layout. Often, we talk them out of their corner unit, and suggest that they make space for a flat wall mantel and fireplace. But sometimes, a corner really is the best position for a fireplace. Here are the ‘angles’ to be considered when it comes to a corner fireplace:


Will the fireplace be visible from the entire room when it’s placed in the corner? In an L-shaped room, as in the basement shown here, the corner is the only position which can be viewed from all parts of the space. In a rectangular room, the corner fireplace may be an ambient feature, adjacent to the seating area, or a focal point across from the seating area. Neither is wrong, unless you plan to place the TV above the fireplace, in which case, it obviously needs to be visible from the seating area.

Can you fit the right size fireplace into a corner? Whether you are looking for a flat-wall or a corner fireplace, the fireplace should be sized to suit the space in which it will sit. A large room calls for a large fireplace. If your corner can’t accommodate the right size, it may be better to go without a fireplace, or to rearrange the furnishings in the room to accommodate a larger flat-wall fireplace. Sometimes, utilizing the corner is the only way to fit a large fireplace into the space without projecting into the room too much.


Is the corner going to be your focal point? No one likes to stare into a corner. A fireplace is usually the focal point of its space, and as such, will garner much attention. When you place a fireplace in the corner, be sure to finish it appropriately for its starring role. This means that the fireplace cabinet has been designed to fit into the corner, or you have filled in the corner with a flat wall that angles across the corner, so that there is not a gap behind the fireplace. Accessorize the top of the fireplace as you would any other fireplace, with art and interesting objects.

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