At the 2019 International Builders Show, we had the opportunity to tour The New American Remodel show house, in an established enclave of Las Vegas. The house was completely transformed in a warm contemporary style, with lots of wood and stone. What stood out for us was the way that stone was used to tie together every part of the home, from exterior, to living room, to library, to master suite, to outdoor rooms. In fact, stone wasn’t just limited to the fireplace walls – it was used throughout the home, in almost every space, as an accent ‘colour’ that provided continuity.

NAHB The New American Remodel
The New American Remodel show house exterior features rugged stone, warm woods, and dark cladding.
NAHB New American Remodel
The living room of The New American Remodel is a great example of how the repetition of stone from exterior to interior acts as a binding element. This contemporary fireplace design with traditional stone is repeated throughout the indoor and outdoor rooms.

We were struck by the way in which they were able to create a contemporary fireplace design while using a very traditional material. This was achieved, in part, by installing the stone in rows, rather than in a random pattern.

NAHB New American Remodel exterior
This detail shot of the exterior of The New American Remodel house shows how the stone has been installed in rows to emphasize the horizontal planes of this renovated bungalow.
NAHB New American Remodel show house fireplace
The patio fireplace, one of two outdoor fireplaces at The New American Remodel house, repeats the contemporary fireplace design with traditional stone.
NAHB New American Remodel show house
The master bedroom in The New American Remodel offers another example of the contemporary fireplace design with traditional stone, repeating the same warm white stone used inside and outside the home.

In our local market, we can recreate this contemporary fireplace design using Erthcoverings SplitFace Durango stone veneer. Because SplitFace Durango pieces come in various heights and sizes, many clients tend to consider it only for very rustic installations, and it works beautifully.  (see below) However, when it is installed in rows, like the stone at The New American Remodel, it will create a more contemporary fireplace design, especially when paired with clean lines and modern furnishings.

Stylish Fireplaces custom design with Dimplex BF39DXP
This traditional fireplace design by Stylish Fireplaces features Erthcoverings SplitFace Durango in a more traditional design.

The other reason that the SplitFace Durango stone veneer can pull off a contemporary fireplace design is because of its crisp, neutral colouring. It literally goes with everything. Want to pair it with warm woods? Check! Prefer to decorate with gray tones? Check! Durango’s warm white tones complement them all, while reflecting light and brightening the overall look. You need only look to The New American Remodel rooms to see how this can be achieved.

Erthcoverings Split Face Durango stone veneer.
Erthcoverings Split Face Durango stone veneer lends itself to both traditional and contemporary fireplace designs.

One of the biggest challenges that clients have is to commit to something as permanent as stone. They fear making a choice that will date itself in 5 years. However, with a rugged stone like SplitFace, in the Durango colourway, they get a classic material that adapts like a chameleon to their changing décor, whether they favour a traditional or contemporary fireplace design. This is not a look that will go out of style.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces and custom designs. Their Toronto-area showroom features over 50 electric fireplaces, as well as the finishing materials needed to complete a project. Their expert staff can provide advice on design as well as installation. They are proud dealers for Erthcoverings stone, including Split Face Durango.

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