Have you ever wondered if you can install an electric fireplace yourself, even if you aren’t a seasoned home improvement expert? The answer is that there are many models that you CAN install yourself. The key is to choose a fireplace for which the installation suits your skill level. To help make it easier to find the right DIY fireplace, we have curated a page on our website with products that are well-suited to Stay-at-Home Improvements. Here is our list of the best electric fireplaces that you can install yourself.

Sierra Flame Lynwood electric stoves come in 2 sizes

DIY Electric Fireplaces that you can install yourself – Stoves

DIY fireplace installation can’t get simpler than an electric stove. If you can open a cardboard box, you have all the skills needed to install an electric stove. These products truly are ‘plug and play. Just take the stove out of the box, plug it in and you’re done. Most electric stoves are designed to look like traditional wood stoves, although there are more contemporary designs available. They will usually have traditional logs inside, to mimic their wood-burning counterparts. A built-in heater generally sits under the body of the stove, to keep your toes toasty whenever you need the heater. Most electric stoves have a simple high-low heat setting, rather than a thermostat, and heat is always optional, as with all electric fireplaces. Are stoves electric fireplaces that you can install yourself? Most definitely!


napoleon mantel package NEFP29-1215BW
Napoleon Braxton mantel package

DIY Electric Fireplaces that you can install yourself – Mantel packages

If you have a little bit of manual dexterity, and a few simple tools, an electric fireplace mantel package will be well within your installation capabilities. Some electric fireplace mantel packages come fully assembled. These make the job of installation very easy, but you will need some extra muscle to help get one of these into position. Most electric fireplace mantel packages are ready-to-assemble, and come in a flat box with a separate box for the fireplace insert. Assembly of these units will be easier with a second pair of hands, so invite a friend or a spouse to help out. There are very few pieces in most mantel packages, so just follow the simple assembly diagrams and have a bit of patience. Then, the firebox slides into position and plugs in. Since you may need to slide the completed furniture piece into position after assembly and plug-in, we recommend that you put felt pads on the bottom of the cabinet, for ease of movement without scratching the floors. Are mantel packages electric fireplaces that you can install yourself? Yes, with a bit of patience and an extra pair of hands.


Napoleon Stylus-NEFP32-5019W
Napoleon Stylus electric fireplace was purpose-built for wall-mounted installation


DIY Electric Fireplaces that you can install yourself – Wall-mounted fireplaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces are our most popular style of electric fireplace that we sell in our showroom. Most people would prefer to have their fireplace flush-mounted INTO their wall. However, only a few very skilled homeowners are able to accomplish this without professional help. For the rest, we recommend wall-mounted electric fireplaces that may be mounted on the surface of the wall. These will require a few tools and a little more skill than any of the other types of DIY electric fireplaces, so you may want to enlist a more experienced friend to help you out. You can also reach out to our installer with questions.

Amantii WM-FM-50-BG linear electric fireplace
Amantii WM-FM-50-BG may be surface-mounted or flush mounted, depending on your skill level

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces will have a back plate or bracket that must first be attached to the wall, catching at least some of the studs for support. Once the bracket is securely fastened to the wall, the fireplace body hangs onto the bracket, and then the glass is installed on the front. The power cord will be exposed unless you have an electrician in the family who can hard-wire the unit for you. Otherwise, choose your spot strategically so you can hide the cord with a piece of furniture or a plant.


Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces. Their Toronto-area showroom features over 50 electric units on display, as well as all the wall coverings and accessories to complete the project. All fireplaces may also be purchased on their website, where you will find fireplaces suited to DIY projects all in one place. They also offer Design and Installation help through their website, or by phone. 

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