As electric fireplace experts, we provide only electric fireplaces and we display all the best brands, side by side. That gives us a unique opportunity to compare their features and benefits on a daily basis, with a lot of different clients. Our Product Reviews offer a snap-shot of electric fireplace products, to help in your decision-making process. In this post, we review the Sierra Flame WM-FML series.


Brand:  Sierra Flame

Models: WM-FML-40, WM-FML-48, WM-FML-62, WM-FML-85

Type: Wall-mount, Flush-mount, Partially Flush, linear

Built-in heater: Yes

Heat vent location:  bottom front, between the 2 metal frames

Thermostat: No

Media included: Himalayan Salt (2 colours), Glass Beads (Sable colour)

Flame colours: Yellow or Orange, controlled by user

Backlighting: yes, when wall-mounted — not visible when flush-mounted

Customization: yes, steel overlays come in 34 finishes


  • flexible installation — flush with wall, surface-mounted, or partially in-wall offers options for any wall
  • hidden heat vent doesn’t distract from design
  • Himalayan salt allows light through, looks natural
  • customization options for inner steel overlay frame offer a break from all-black
  • large metal face enlarges overall impact of the fireplace


  • oversize metal face is 27″ high — too large for a true linear appearance in smaller sizes
  • limited control of heat output

Overall Rating:

  • 4 out of 5


Stylish Fireplaces offers all Sierra Flame electric fireplaces, along with other major brands, in our Toronto-area all-electric showroom.


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