What is Rustic Luxe?

It’s the name we’ve given to a design trend that we’ve noted at recent design shows and in design publications. We’re also seeing it in fireplace design. It’s a blend of rustic materials, like stone, brick and barnboard, with more luxe items like crystal chandeliers or modern furniture icons.

fireplace design - rustic luxe - century-brick-with-UpCountry-chandeliers
UpCountry displayed their crystal chandeliers against a backdrop of Century Architexure’s painted brick at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. This is Rustic Luxe!


Picture modern Eames chairs against the reclaimed brick wall of an industrial loft — that’s Rustic Luxe!

fireplace design - rustic luxe - brick wall
This room designed by Shawn Henderson in New York, features a brick wall as backdrop for modern furniture. This is Rustic Luxe!


The key to the look is to make either the ‘rustic’ or the ‘luxe’ elements dominant. If you are half rustic and half luxe, your room will be a design flop.

Another key is to bring an ‘outdoor’ element indoors. You can incorporate brick, concrete, or barnboard into the room. Be careful not to go overboard — you’re not trying to recreate the barn!


fireplace design - rustic luxe - stone wall - barnboard doors
Barn doors and a faux stone wall greeted Interior Design Show visitors at American Standard’s DXV booth. They offered a rustic counterpoint to the luxe bath fixtures inside.


How do I apply Rustic Luxe to Fireplace Design?

When it comes to fireplace design, Rustic Luxe is a fabulous way to highlight wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

fireplace design - rustic luxe - brick wall
In this dining room designed by Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors, the rustic brick wall is a counterpoint to the more luxe electric fireplace, draperies, and light fixture.


We offer several products that can help you to recreate the Rustic Luxe look at home.  Century Architexture brick veneers faithfully replicate reclaimed brick in an easy-to-install format.  Erthcoverings stone veneers bring natural stone inside in lots of styles and colours.  Wall Concepts has created a barnboard look-alike product that is easy to bring home without tearing down a barn.  Our photo murals are another way to get the look of stone, brick or barnboard.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors offers Electric Fireplaces for Stylish Spaces. We carry a wide range of electric fireplaces and we offer the products and services you need to complete a fireplace project or the entire room.  

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