If you love to grill, but you don’t love working with propane, natural gas, or charcoal, or these are not an option where you live, then you might want to consider an electric grill. Industry leader Dimplex offers the PowerChef line in several sizes, all of which share the following features:

  • ‘Evensear’ dual element technology – the top element sears food at 650 degrees F, to lock in flavour, while the lower radiant element provides even heat. With this technology, the electric grill can cook up to twice as much as a gas grill twice the size, because every square inch performs at the same power, with no cold spots.
  • Automatic grilling – on models where this is offered, the grill remembers pre-programmed settings for your favourite foods, and even reminds you when to flip the food, and when it’s finished. You can always select manual settings, when your favourite automated settings don’t apply.
  • No tanks, no lighting, no hassles
  • Balcony friendly – because there is no gas, many condo and apartment dwellers can use an electric grill where they would not be permitted to use a gas grill.

PowerChef grills come in 2 sizes. The compact Convertible grill is a tabletop design, that can also be mounted to the wall, or set up on a pedestal, with or without optional side shelves. The basic unit measures 21 13/16” wide by 11 9/16” high by 20 3/16” deep. The full-size grill measures 45” wide by 43.25” high by 21.25” deep, and comes with an optional rotisserie unit and grill cover.

We recently did a taste test with the PowerChef grill, and were pleasantly surprised with results. One client likes grilling so much that she actually purchased one for her kitchen, where she had made space for it under her ventilation hood. If you are looking for an easy and convenient grilling alternative, consider an electric grill.


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