In our business, we see a lot of fireplaces, and we’ve noticed that not everyone knows how to put the finishing touches on their fireplace. For October 2012, we will begin offering a selection of accessories to complement both mantels and wall-mounted fireplaces. At the recent CGTA gift show inToronto, we were on the lookout for trends that might apply to fireplaces and mantel décor. These are the ideas that struck us as the most likely to translate into fireplace décor in the coming months.


  • Nostalgia – Everything old is new again. Time and again, we spotted table-top sized reproductions of old planes, boats, cars, bicycles, phones and cameras. For walls, oversize reproductions of old maps and store signs added instant ‘patina’ to room settings. Likewise, clocks were made to look old.
  • Reclaimed – Many furniture makers were showing furniture made from reclaimed wood, for looks that were always rustic, and often industrial, depending on the nature of the hardware and metal fittings. Complementing the reclaimed furniture are ‘repurposed’ accessories, or items that are made to look that way, such as theatre lights as floor lamps.
  • Rustic mixed with Sleek
    Slick modern displays were often made warmer with the addition of rough, natural finishes, such as twigs, wicker, and reclaimed wood. This is a trend that is already affecting new electric fireplace designs in models such as the Dimplex Chalet, at right. ‘Garden’ lanterns were a very strong trend that popped up in dozens of displays, in all shapes, sizes, and finishes for indoor use.
  • Apartment in Paris – This may be Britain’s year, with the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, but accessories still favour items that hint at the Parisian lifestyle. Eiffel tower models, old city maps, folding iron garden furniture were just a few of the items we found.
  • Multi-dimensional Art – Unframed canvasses seem to be growing in popularity, and many that we saw featured added elements to enhance the print or painting. For instance, we saw metal ‘railings’ added to a photo of a balcony, and glitter added to landscapes to catch the light in just the right places



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