Warm weather is on the way – in some parts of the country, we’ve already had a sampling of summer – and that means grilling season can’t be far behind. If you’re shopping for a new grill, you might want to consider going electric instead of gas. Here’s what you need to know about electric grills:

  1. Electric grills are powered by electricity, not gas. They plug into a regular outlet. This means that you can use them anywhere you have access to electricity, including condo balconies. Some keen home cooks have even put them in their kitchens, for grilling year-round. And because there’s no propane tank, you’ll never run out of fuel in the middle of cooking a meal.
  2. Electric grills offer high searing temperatures plus even heating. At 650 degrees, the grill will sear your food, locking in flavour, while providing even cooking heat across the entire grill surface. There are no hot spots or cold spots, so the entire surface can be used. Temperature control is extremely precise
  3. Electric grills are safe. Because they operate without gas, there is no open flame, which eliminates flare-ups; there is no chance of gas leaks, and there is no volatile fuel to be stored. This is one of the reasons that electric grills get the ‘thumbs-up’ from condo owners.
  4. Electric grills are smart and easy to use. Many units offer electronic controls that allow you to program the cooking time of your food, or you can work in manual mode. Either way, you control the grill with a touch of a button. Programmable cooking ensures perfect results, and the keypad can be locked to prevent accidental changes to your settings.
  5. Electric grills are affordable to operate. It costs just $0.15 per hour to cook with an electric grill. If you grill for 1 hour, 3 times per week, an electric grill will save you $21.43 per month compared to the cost to operate a propane grill.




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