In order to stay on top of the latest and greatest in interior design and fireplaces, we make a point of visiting trade shows. At The Canadian Home Furnishings Market (TCHFM) in Toronto in January, Interior Stylist Janette Ewen put together a dozen vignettes that reflected the newest ideas in design. Here is how we would translate five of her forecast looks with the latest in electric fireplaces.

Back to Black: This look is mysterious, masculine, rich and luxurious. Consider black on black in a room, with black walls, and black furnishings. There are many electric fireplace models that would work in such a room. Our favourite is the Amantii WM-95 wall-mounted fireplace in sleek black glass or metallic gray. It is spectacular installed on a black granite wall.

Glitterati: There is a return to ‘more is more’ decorating, and styling rooms just for the fun of it. This is especially true with metallics, and objects that sparkle and shine. The Dimplex BLF-50 firebox fits this trend perfectly, with its glass embers that sparkle like diamonds. Buhler has taken this popular firebox and designed 3 media cabinets that beautifully show off the long, lean lines of the BLF-50.


Hitchcock Heroine: Perfect for those who still prefer refined, tone-on-tone décor reminiscent of the stylish décor in old movies. Dimplex unveiled a gorgeous stone and wood mantel that we think you’ll love. But it’s not available until Fall, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to bring this fireplace into your home. Meanwhile, the Dimplex Mason mantel is another cool beauty that’s available now.

Ranch Dreams: You’ll love this casual vibe if you like a mix of rustic, reclaimed, and romantic in your interiors. There are several mantels that could work with this look. Both Classic Flame and Dimplex have stone fireplaces.

West Coast Rustic Glamour: If you love shabby-chic interiors, with a beachy influence, this is your look. It’s a little worn, with a pale palette of whites, sand, and sea glass blue. There are several lovely wall-mount fireplaces that would fit these rooms. Amantii makes a 50” wide glass fireplace that has a touch of blue in the glass; Dimplex has recreated their curved glass fireplace in white, with pale pebbles inside.

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