Amantii has had a range of multi-sided electric fireplaces for longer than any other manufacturer. Bespoke is their upgraded line of fireplaces, with better-quality components and more features than their classic fireplaces. Adding a Bespoke option to their Tru-View series makes sense and will keep them competitive with all the other manufacturers who have added multi-sided electric fireplaces to their product lines.

As with all electric fireplace manufacturers, Amantii has a unique approach to their flames, leaning more towards natural-looking fire. Because their fireplaces are also rated for outdoor use, they have ensured that the flame intensity can stand up to bright outdoor conditions, which give them an edge in sunnier indoor situations.

Amantii Tru-View Bespoke Models

TruView Bespoke comes in 5 sizes: TRV-45-BESPOKE, TRV-55-BESPOKE, TRV-65-BESPOKE, TRV-75-BESPOKE, TRV-85-BESPOKE

Amantii Tru-View Bespoke features and benefits

  • 5 Year Warranty – Enjoy worry-free use for longer than the standard Amantii warranty.
  • Fire & Sound – Two (2) quality audio speakers deliver a realistic crackling sound to enhance your fire. The audio is an ON/OFF feature that can be controlled from your smartphone with the use of our app.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Stream your music through high quality audio on the integrated Bluetooth speakers. Simply pair your smartphone with the fireplace and press play.
  • Programmable timer & thermostat allows you to enjoy heating and convenience. Set the fireplace to turn on before you arrive home or have it automatically turn on when the weather is cold.
  • Smart Room Temperature Control – 59°F – 82°F or 15°C – 28°C allows you to set the right temperature for your comfort.
  • Dual voltage electrical connection — 1465W 5000 BTU, heats up to 500 Sq. Ft. on 120 volts. May also be wired up to 220 volts to increase the BTU output to 10,000 and heat up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 50000 hours lifetime LED light source – Zero maintenance and a long life for your fireplace.
  • Approved for Outdoor Installations – Extend your backyard season with the ambience and warmth you enjoy indoors.
  • Designed with front-flow heating and hidden venting so that the unit can be recessed or semi-flush mounted
  • A clean reduced trim kit allows for a large viewing area with true life-like flames.
  • Adjustable and independent flame brightness and speed, so you can create the flame effect you like best.
  • Adjustable ember bed colors that allow for true creativity in setting the perfect ambience.
  • Most quiet and reliable components in the industry for extended fireplace longevity.
  • Patented thermostatic remote comes included, for convenient operation.
  • Minimal trim allows for a frameless installation, with wall coverings right up to the viewing window.

Additional Tru-View Bespoke features

  • Modular design and installation – join multiple Tru-View Bespoke units together to create a dramatically oversize fireplace.
  • 4 Installation configurations – single-sided, 3-sided bay, left-facing L, right-facing L
  • WiFi app – download from the Google Play store or Apple App store and control the fireplace form your smartphone

Amantii Tru-View Bespoke vs. other electric fireplaces

This is just the latest addition to a broad range of multi-sided fireplaces from Amantii. Amantii has long recognized the growing appeal of 3-sided glass for today’s homeowners, and has developed an extensive range of products to fit all sorts of multi-sided installations. To enhance their deeper fireplaces, Amantii has also created a wide range of log sets, more than any other manufacturer, so homeowners can truly personalize their Tru-View Bespoke fireplace.

  • Amantii Tru-View XL – The original multi-sided linear fireplace from Amantii, with 15.5-inch viewing height and 14.75-inch framing depth.
  • Amantii TRV-Slim – This is the slimmest of Amantii’s many 3-sided fireplace models, with a regular height 15.5-inch viewing window and 11.125-inch framing depth.
  • Amantii TRV-XT – This model features an extra-tall viewing area of 22-inches.
  • Dimplex IgniteXL Bold – The newest addition to the popular IgniteXL line, with more depth and taller viewing area (18”) than the single-sided IgniteXL.
  • Modern Flames Orion Multi – This new model incorporates Heliovision video flame technology. (Read our review.) It features a viewing height of 18.5 inches with a 9-inch framing depth.
  • Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi – This model preceded the Orion Multi, and is slightly deeper. It is one of the most flexible of the multi-sided fireplace, and it able to be installed semi-flush, as well as fully flush or on the wall surface. It features a framing depth of 12 inches and a viewing height of 15.5 inches.
  • Napoleon Trivista Primus – This model comes in fewer size options than the others, with a framing depth of just 9.25 inches.


Amantii’s Tru-View Bespoke is a timely entry into the better-quality multi-sided electric fireplace market, from the manufacturer who has been doing 3-sided for the longest time. The fact that it may also be used outdoors is an added bonus.

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