As more homeowners reconsider their gas fireplaces, comparisons with electric fireplaces are done with a more critical eye.  There is an expectation among gas fireplace users that electric alternatives must come close to a gas fireplace experience. Other homeowners just want a gorgeous fireplace feature around which they can build their home. They don’t really think about how the flames are created – they want convenience, comfort and safety.   Regardless of which group you’re in, the demand for more realistic electric fireplace flames is only increasing. For years, electric fireplaces relied on LED lighting to create flame effects. Now, more fireplace manufacturers are exploring LCD, or video technology. LCD electric fireplaces combine all of the most popular features of electric fires with flames that are created with video technology. As with all new technologies, there will be rapid progress as more companies get on board and more consumers become aware. We are already seeing great strides in the quality of LCD electric fireplaces. Napoleon has recently launched their entry into this category, with Luminex.

Napoleon Luminex NEFL65LCD-3SV room

Napoleon Luminex Models

Luminex comes in 1 size: NEFL65LCD-3SV

Luminex is a multi-sided fireplace, with the option to have the glass exposed on all 3 sides, or in an L-shaped configuration, or with just the front glass exposed. Cover panels for the end glass are included. The required framing depth is 12.3125 inches.

Napoleon Luminex features and benefits

  • 3 Flame Patterns – Because the flames are a video projection, we have a choice of how the flames will look. Choose from flames that replicate gas or wood-burning fires, or a hybrid.
  • 6 Flame Colours – Leave the flames in their natural colouring or play with the pre-set colour options to change the mood.
  • Adjustable Flame Speed – Set the speed that looks best and most natural to you.
  • Ambient Crackling Sound – Because the flames are created with video, natural crackling sounds have been captured and are unique to each flame style. You can also choose to turn this off.
  • Multi-Colour Ember Bed – Enhance the flames with lighting below the ember bed, from a natural glow to mood-changing accents. There are 13 preset colours on the remote, and endless options in the app. These may also be left off.
  • Multi-Colour Downlighting – Add additional lighting to the flames to complement the lighting conditions in your space, or to change the mood. There are 13 preset colours on the remote, and endless options in the app. These may also be left off.
  • Multi-Dimensional Flame Appearance – The video flames capture the real thing, in all their multii-faceted glory. They look real because they are real.

Other Luminex features

  • 16.75-inch glass height in 18.375-inch viewing area height – With a slightly taller viewing area than other linear fireplaces, Luminex offers a bolder presentation.
  • Included media — Beach Fire Logs + Woodland ember media – Set up your fireplace with both or either.
  • WiFi Controlled via Napoleon Home App – The app is superior to even the remote, and is a great enhancement to the fireplace. It has visual representations of the settings that are not possible on a remote or touchpad.
  • Handheld Remote Control included – Control all the features of the fireplace without the need for WiFi technology.
  • Built-in Touch Controls – Controls all of the fundamental features of the fireplace, when the remote or app are not accessible.
  • No-heat Switch – Tucked behind the front glass, for commercial settings where it’s preferable for the heater to be disabled.
  • 5,000 – 10,000 BTU Heater — Connect your fireplace to standard 120 volts for enough heat to warm up to 400 square feet. Connect to 240 volts to provide enough power to the heater to warm up to 800 square feet.

Napoleon Luminex vs. other LCD electric fireplaces

There are not a lot of LCD fireplaces for comparison so far, but more are in development.

Modern Flames Orion Multi – This also has LCD flame technology called Heliovision, in a multi-sided built-in installation. Orion Multi is available in more sizes, and is less deep than Luminex.

Napoleon Luminex vs. other Multi-sided electric fireplaces

Multi-sided is a very popular category of fireplaces in today’s open-plan homes.

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi – This LED fireplace is less deep than the Luminex, and comes in more sizes. It is one of the most flexible of the multi-sided fireplace, and it’s able to be installed semi-flush, as well as fully flush or on the wall surface.

Dimplex IgniteXL Bold – The popular flames of the Ignite series have been transplanted into a multi-sided fireplace with taller viewing area and more colour options for the flames. This model requires a similar framing depth to the Luminex, and comes in more sizes. It also has an industry-leading 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Amantii TRV-XT – This model has a similar framing depth and extra-tall viewing area to the Luminex. It has more log options, and is available in more sizes.

Napoleon Trivista Primus – This is Napoleon’s original multi-sided electric fireplace with LED flames. It comes in 2 sizes and is shallower than the Luminex.

Napoleon Luminex vs. other deep, Single-sided electric fireplaces

Homeowners are more frequently looking to deeper electric fireplaces, to improve the realism.

Napoleon Astound – This is Napoleon’s premium LED built-in fireplace, with 12-inch framing depth and extra-tall viewing window. It also has the premium logs and Woodland media package. There are multiple sizes available.

Amantii Symmetry XT – This is a slide-in model with 12-inch framing depth and extra-tall viewing area. It has many log options and multiple sizes available.


LCD is a growing category of electric fireplaces. Major manufacturers of gas fireplaces are exploring how to leverage video flames to create electric fires that their clients will embrace. If carbon emissions are to be reduced, either by choice or by legislation, it’s inevitable that our use of gas fires will also be reduced. For this reason, we will continue to see more and better electric flame technology, like LCD. Napoleon Luminex is a striking option in this category.

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