One of the greatest advantages of electric fireplaces is the ability to design the fireplace wall without worrying about combustion. With other types of fireplaces, your design needs to factor in clearance to combustible materials, as well as excessive heat that can affect electronics or artwork around the fireplace. Because they are zero-clearance, electric fireplaces are the centerpiece of truly unique fireplace walls. We’re sharing 9 of our favourite electric fireplace wall ideas here, ranging from traditional to trendy, and everything in between. 

Our Top 9 Electric Fireplace Wall Ideas

Modern Library

This wall idea was shared by a customer in St-Lambert, Quebec. It features our Dimplex Revillusion RBF30 electric fireplace insert. Note the unembellished chimney breast and fireplace surround, flanked by simple open shelves full of books. We think it is cozy and modern at the same time, thanks to the somewhat rakish rows of books. It actually looks like someone reads the books and they aren’t just there for decoration.  

Boutique Hotel

For the suites in this boutique hotel and spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, designed by Lisa Levick, fireplace walls were used as dividers between sleeping and sitting areas. The fireplace is our Dimplex Prism BLF5051, which nicely balances the TV above. Having a wooden beam below the fireplace turns typical fireplace design on its head. The beam adds visual weight to the fireplace, while mimicking a hearth. Having the TV in a niche minimizes it, while the raised molding around the fireplace gives it more importance.

European Open Hearth

Designer Rosalia Fazzari used our Dimplex Optimyst cassettes to create this luxe European-style fireplace for a Toronto condo. High-gloss, high-contrast materials and simple lines keep it modern. Mist flames created with tap water are perfectly safe below the TV. Rosalia has positioned the fireplace so that her clients can enjoy the fireplace and the view at the same time.

Italian Millwork

Resource Furniture specializes in Italian cabinetry. For this fireplace design, they created an asymmetrical wall using cabinets in pale gray, charcoal and woodgrain. Because the Dimplex Ignite XLF74 fireplace is zero-clearance, there is no wasted space around the fireplace. The client may store or show off whatever they like in the closed cupboards and open cubbies.

See-through Divider Wall

Designer Louis Tai created a dividing wall using our Dimplex Optimyst cassette. The wall creates a warm welcome while also helping to delineate the sitting area. Having a TV above the fireplace is perfectly safe, as the flames are created with mist from tap water. The floating cabinet lightens the look of the wall while allowing critical air flow into the bottom of the cassette, to allow for optimal mist production. The mix of pale wood, dark grey, and veined stone is modern and trendy.

Condo Floating Cabinet

Condos demand rigorous space planning and multi-function fireplace walls. This design by Intrinsic Design Build Group features high-contrast materials in pale grey and walnut-brown. By floating the fireplace cabinet on the plank backdrop, the designers avoided blocking the HVAC vent and access panel to the left. They also created hidden storage inside the cabinet, on either side of the fireplace. Wires and cables may be hidden behind the wood plank wall, and electronics may be tucked inside the cabinet, for an uncluttered look. The fireplace is our Dimplex Ignite XLF50.

Open Condo Cabinets

For this suburban condo, the clients asked for a fireplace with TV above, as well as some hidden storage and open shelves. In order to accommodate storage below the hearth ledge, the fireplace and hearth were raised off the floor. Flat doors flip down tor reveal hidden storage. Above those storage cupboards are open display shelves. Art on the wall to the left of the TV is balanced by floating shelves to the right of the TV. Oversize tiles mimic the effect of a single slab of stone. The fireplace is our Dimplex Ignite XLF74.

Townhouse Traditional

For a young Toronto family, the request was for a traditional fireplace that looked like it was always there. By adding an overmantel to the wall above the fireplace cabinet, the effect of a chimney breast was created. This adds authenticity to the fireplace design, as well as creating an ideal backdrop for the clock. Our Dimplex Revillusion RBF30 with birch logs is surrounded by natural stone. The white millwork appears to be part of the architecture of the home.

No-Construction Accent Wall

A client in Victoria, B.C., sent us a photo of her fireplace wall, featuring our Napoleon Pictura wall-mounted electric fireplace. Pictura is made to hang on the wall, and it not meant to be built-in. To create a commanding feature, the entire wall was tiled, and a ledge was run across the lower part of the wall. At just 6.5-inches deep, the Pictura easily rests on the ledge, and becomes the focal point of the wall.

We hope these 9 electric fireplace wall ideas will inspire you to create a truly personalized accent wall. Some of these ideas require design and renovation professionals, or cabinet makers. Others are achievable Do-It-Yourself projects. Regardless of whether you fall into the DIY or Do-It-For-Me camp, the key to a successful outcome is to have a plan when you start the project, and to communicate that vision to whomever is tasked with its completion. These project ideas can help you to share what you like and don’t like for your fireplace wall.

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